Go read this stuff

Today I have to share three links for people to enjoy.

The first one is Susie's Space, who blogs out of the San Francisco area. Just scroll down until you get to her pictures of the costumes her kids wore during many years of trick-or-treating. Why didn't I TAKE PICTURES OF MY KIDS THAT WAY!~! Then scroll on down for her Halloween advertisements from old newspapers. Its just a fun time with her.

Then you need to visit Karmyn's Dreaming What If's for her ghost story and her 13 reasons she loves Halloween. Of course I'm biased, because she's my grown -up kid.

After you've had your fill of Halloween I recommend a sweet and loving tribute to a grandfather by Songbird.
I got all teary-eyed reading her fond remembrances.

UPDATE ! ! !

AND DON'T FORGET that Robin over at Pensieve is hosting the CARNIVAL OF THE BLOGGING CHICKS on Sunday. The theme is all things FALL --- so it should be a colorful read. See you there.


Swampwitch said…
I will be back to read later. Have to get on my broom and fly again today. P.S. You're tagged. If you have time...1-30 at my place. If you don't, no worry. <:)
That's a witch lying down.
Sue said…
Hi Pamela,
Thanks so much for the visit and the kind words. Glad you enjoyed it enough to post a link :-)
Please stop in and visit again anytime!
I'll be back to visit again often!
Pass the Torch said…
Blogger's been eating my comments! I visited Susie's Place and thought the Halloween pics were darling!!

Thank you again for your thoughtful comments. Deena was so excited to get one!
Gattina said…
I posted already about Halloween in Belgium.
Bonnie B said…
I will have to check those out sometime today-- thanks!
Pass The Torch said…
Love the new word you coined at Robin's site!! You're a witty one, darling. I'll have Curt respond to you tomorrow. He may have known what was going on in that show.

(I only heard it because of Curt's comment.)
Karmyn R said…
Thanks for the link mom -

Someone else must have been talking about me somewhere because I have a few new people checking out my ghost story that had to have come via someplace.

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