What a day

I battled four hours with blogger this morning trying to publish a M-E-G-A post for my ben'jammin. (He'll read it when he's in his thirties.)
I want to know why blogger remembers me some times and not all the time. Why will one picture show up 4 times when I only publish it once?


I wanted to do a little water coloring.

I planned on making concord grape jam. I want to know why two identical trees would not produce fall colors at the same time.

Yes.. thats the bowl I picked grapes in. I must have dropped it there in my bewilderment.

Today was a holiday for me. Thank you Christopher Columbus.


willowtree said…
You have my email address, if you figure out the answer to either of those questions about blogger, please write!!!!

Both of those issues are sending me crazy! Especially the multiple photo thing as my posts are pretty heavily photo driven, the other I can live with. This never happened in the old blogger.
CyberCelt said…
Here for C&C Monday. Now, I am going to read that long post you wrote. LOL
SongBird said…
You sound very confused! And, naturally, I can't answer any of your questions.
Shauna said…
Good grief! Blogger is really throwing fits! ! ! Finally let me on here to post you a comment!

The grapes looks scrumptous! My grapes didn't ripen up this year. . .

I actually found Cajun seasoning at Dollar General. . .I also use Creole seasoning (Tony Chachere's Original Creole Seasoning).
Shauna said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Karmyn R said…
I was bewildered today too - why wasn't the mailman coming? Where was my mail???? And then, about 4pm - it hit me.
Amanda said…
Cool trees... :)
Hope the jam turns out yummy. I was just telling someone about how we used to peel them and swallow them whole. They were scrumptous.
kailani said…
I defintely have no regrets about leaving blogger!

Those trees are so cool. It's just like twins who look nothing alike!
Pamela said…
WT. it's a short trip

Cybercelt. don't let the long post chase you away.

Songbird. So you noticed.

Shauna. I gotta make cajun tators

Karmyn. 1492, I left that out of my history... (:

Amanda. I don't peel them -- I just squeeze them right into my mouth

Kailani: Tonight we'll get frost. Bet you're jealous (:

I loved my own word verification:
Pass the Torch said…
Those grapes are gorgeous! I'm so impressed you do stuff like make jam.

And have I ever mentioned that Blogger stinks?

Thanks for your comment today on my Pass the Torch Tuesday post;)
Heather said…
Mmmm... I want some 'o those grapes!

Thanks for visiting my blog. :-) Yours is lovely! I'll be back.
Heather said…
Those grapes look yummy good. Do you have a vineyard? My secret wish is to own a vineyard and winery.
C said…
I agree with everyone that those grapes look yummy!! But I like them fresh...not as jam...
C said…
The trees are not getting along so they are contradicting each other.
Tiggerlane said…
I had a word-only post today - and it took me for-freakin'-EVER to get blogger to cooperate.

I'm with ya on the frustration.

And I'm thinking those lovely grapes would taste great in a wine!
marnie said…
I have two Maples like that out front. One is green, one is flaming red. What's up with that?
Kathleen Marie said…
You will have to ask the sun. Only he knows. :)

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