So THATS why they call it The 'D u g o u t".

First I must extend my sincere apology to Susan in VA because I know how she detests anything that has to do with nose debris. And to her blogs question, ARE WE THERE YET? Yes, in regards to nose debris, we are.

I am guilty of not being very excited about the World Series. Last night the hubby turned on the TV and was asleep on the couch as the game played on.

I was reading blogs.

Some excited commentary snagged my attention. There was a close call at 2nd base, so I stopped to watch the replay. They replayed it at least 10 times from four different angles. I continued to watch for a little while after that to see what was happening with the Tigers.

That's when the camera tuned into the dugout and zoomed in on some guy on the bench.

The player very clearly picked his nose. Then, he held his finger up and looked at it.

(I wonder if his nickname is Booger.)


LZ Blogger said…
oooohh! GROSS! Glad I missed it! ~ jb///
Susan in va said…
(*GAG*) BLECH! (*HEAVE*) GROSS!! Even AFTER your warning, I kept reading! I'm just very thankful that you didn't DESCRIBE the thing.

SongBird said…
Gross!!! On national TV no less!!
C said…
Perhaps that's why he was in the "dug out"
Biker Betty said…
oh how funny and gross!! He probably had no idea the camera was on him, lol. Guys and the things they do.
Matt said…
john madden's greatest moment as a football announcer was when he commented about an official picking his nose. I mean, he didn't stop the commentary. He was commentng on football and then he just segued into the nose picking as if it were the same thing.

"And then the referee has a little something there in the nose and... you gotta make sure that's all set."

It was brilliant.
Robin said…

just three of the reasons I don't care to watch baseball...and why guys must be drawn to it like moth to flame.
Janet C. said…
Missed it. Baseball players have the best job in the world. They can do just about anything and get away with it. Now the day one of them digs a dingleberry out of his bum and flicks it at the camera I will draw the line.
Kailani said…
It seems like baseball players are always doing "men" things like spitting and shifting their "equipment" around.
OMG, Pamela
I'm so glad (?) that we weren't the only ones who saw that!
My daughter and I were glued to the Series everynite and that brief scene gave us massive chuckles the rest of the week!
Disgusting? Yes. Embaressing? Perhaps.
But baseball is known for it's crotch scratching, cup adjusting, phlegm hawking, 'chaw spitting and other manly bad habits. But blantant booger diggin' on national tv is a first for us.

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