Two birthdays, One mistake

Zackary Johnson has a birthday coming up in a few days so it wasn't odd to have an envelope addressed to him show up in the mail last week.

His mom, Glenda, pulled it from the mailbox and noticed immediately that it was spelled "Zachary " Johnson . She didn't find that unusual because many people spell Zackary's name incorrectly. (Her husband Steve insisted they spell his name with a "K" because "you know we’re going to call him Zack!")

She looked at the sender’s pre-printed label with some confusion. That name didn't match up to anyone of her acquaintances.

"Hey Hon,” she inquired of her husband, "Do you recognize this name?"

"Nope," Steve responded and became somewhat concerned.

Still, they agreed to present the envelope to their son to see what was in it and his reaction.

Zack opened it to find $20 tucked in a birthday card that said "Happy Birthday Zachary!” He was excited. Boy, howdy, he was ready to go shopping!

However, the unease increased for Glenda. The card was unsigned.

Something was amiss. She spent the next day looking at the envelope and wondering why a stranger would send money to her son and how he would know it was Zacks birthday. A variety of scenarios can go through parents’ minds, especially when they hear stories about internet predators and stalkers. Glenda and her husband knew they would have to make some inquiries not only to give them peace, but also to protect their son, if the situation required.

There was an immediate and strange twist when Glenda's dad was apprised of the situation.

"I know who that fellow is!” he told her, "He is an old farmer that lives out on Hillberry Road."

They quickly hopped in their car and drove out into the country. The house was well marked and they found it easily. Unfortunately, no one was home. Steve decided, rather than leave a note on the door, to get a telephone number and dial him. He left a brief but urgent message that the call be returned as soon as possible.

The next day the old farmer called.

The farmers great grandson, Zachary Johnson, had recently moved with his parents to Heavenly Drive. That’s the street where Zackary Johnson lives with his parents. The farmer looked in the phone book and found a listing under S. Johnson on Heavenly Drive. That was the name and the street that he was seeking. He was sure suprised by the turn of events. He figured he'd have to send another card.

But, Zackary Johnson, who is turning eleven-years old in a few days did the right thing.

He and his parents made their way down Heavenly Drive to the home of Zachary Johnson who is turning four-years old in a few days.

They delivered Zachary’s great grandfathers card with the twenty-dollars. Plus, Zackary Johnson wished Zachary Johnson a very Happy Birthday.


Swampwitch said…
What a wonderful story ! And such a nice 'lesson' for Zackary to see his parents persistence in finding the real 'Zachary.' A nice Birthday Day present for both boys.
Pass the Torch said…
That's a Pass the Torch Tuesday story, if I ever read one! What a great story -- who would ever guess that could happen. Neat lesson too.

Thanks for sharing!
Heather said…
Too funny! When I was in university, I lived on the same street as someone with the same name as me, and since we went to the same university, we would occasionally get each other's report cards in the mail.
Laurel Wreath said…
I feel like singing "its a small world after all". This is so funny. Glad you were able to get an answer that would of drove me crazy as a parent also.
Vicki said…
What a good story. In the beginning I could hear the twilight music theme song playing in the background!
Karmyn R said…
That is one nice thing about having a unique one will ever get me confused with someone else!!!
Susan in va said…
What a sweet story! You are such a wonderful storyteller - I was hanging on every word :)

And, Vicki - the Twilight Zone - LOL!!
Shauna said…
Oh Pamela! ! ! I'm so sorry I missed your Birthday! ! ! ! I just read your little Gooey's post. . .I FEEL HORRIBLE THAT I MISSED IT! ! !!


I have a nephew (10) and a NEW great niece that share the day with you! ! !
Claudia said…
That is so sweet! What a great story!
kailani said…
The world definitely needs more honest people like that!
Anna Venger said…
I'm always so thankful when I see young people doing the right thing. It restores my hope in our future. thank you.
rach said…
What a beautiful story, and a wonderful ending.
Gattina said…
Lol ! very nice story about the two Zach, Zacks ! I really had a lot of fun in reading it.
Polly said…
Awesome story. It's so refreshing to hear that there are such honest people out there these days. What a great example for the kids. Honesty has been instilled in that child's life at an early stage and will no doubt affect his life from now on. What we do today impacts not just us, but generations to come. Great job.
Shauna said…
Great Post! ! ! An awesome way to teach kids how to do things morally CORRECT! ! ! !
M J said…
That was such a great story.

I think in this case making someone elses' day is much more rewarding than the potential $20 bill.
Momma Duck said…
Wow. That's what I call a coincidence. I'm glad the right kid got the money :-)
Heather said…
Cute story. Great testimony to the kid's honesty.
CyberCelt said…
Wonderful story. It is a small world. Have a blessed Sunday.
Robin said…
My thought's were the same as Kelly's--a PERFECT PTT story :).

Hmmmm....a "divine appointment" for an 11-year-old to do the right thing. Kudos :).

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