Two Step Manual

This is an easy HOW TO manual with visuals on satisfying a cat and her owner.

#1. Cosmic Catnip and Brachs Autumn Mix Candy Corn

#2. Serve


Heather said…
The best thing about Halloween. And the angelic choruses sing.
Claudia said…
i never realized cats liked Candy Corn!! :)
Amanda said…
Yum!! My favorite candy! Reminds me of Pops and Gram.. :)
Vicki said…
Okay that is for cats to eat right? Please say yes.

What we do is mix candy corn and salted peanuts together in a bowl. Take a few of each. Taste just like a payday.
Pamela said…
the candy corn is for ME.
the catnip is for the Contessa.

Notice...the candy corn was almost gone. grrp.
kailani said…
Sounds like my kind of "how to" list! I love candy corn!
Pass the Torch said…
LOL! That would work in my house too;)
Karmyn R said…
Save the little pumpkins for me...I think they are better than the corn.

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