Two Cars Totaled

It is a horrific experience to see the movement of a car on your right, and then gaze into the rear view mirror at 55 MPH to watch it crash into your sisters car.

I knew that car was going to hit her - it was like a second sense.

I saw my sister's attempt to brake and the sudden fishtail before they plowed into each other. The other car would have been T-boned and it's driver seriously injured if not for that brief defensive move. The noise filled my ears and the glass and metal flew in all directions.

The memory of braking and pulling over has not returned to my head, but sitting on the shoulder of the road dialing 911 in a panic is clear. I don't know why I just didn't hop out and start running back there. Maybe I was too afraid.

Fortunately two handsome young men who were traveling right behind her were out of their car in an instant and rushing to both cars.

The emergency vehicles arrived on the scene in minutes. The other driver was cited for failure to yield right of way.

A trip by ambulance to ER reassured the medics and us that our older sister's injuries were not life threatening. There is a seat belt hematoma across her chest, sore neck and back, and contusions and swelling on her knees. The air bag malfunctioned and did not deploy.

Trish and I stayed with the car long enough to remove Sandra's belongings and leave a key for the tow truck. Then we headed to the hospital and waited for her X-rays.

Cool and calm I was not. I had to stop and think slowly when the State Policeman asked the questions about the accident.

My hands were shaking and my stomach was upset. I thought my sister looked her age for the very first time. She cried only once, - when she said she was sad to leave her late husbands automobile crushed on the side of the road. She's been through so much this year.

Later, while taking her home from the hospital, I realized I did not take my camera out of the back seat to photograph the metal carnage.

It seems a shame now that I don't have one to add to this post. It didn't even cross my mind.

More important is the fact that she is alive and in one blessed piece.

The ocean was wonderful. I'll post on that soon.


Willowtree said…
Oh Pam, that's awful! My heart sunk when I read the first sentence and things didn't get any better. I kept hoping there was some kind of punchline that would crack us all up, but alas, this not the case.

I think I felt the worst at the thought of how your sister felt at leaving her husband's car on the side of the road. If anyone is trying to imaging how traumatic this was for you, the fact that you didn't get a photo says it all.

You know I'm not a the praying type, but in this case I'll make an exception.
Peter said…
Hi Pamela, that was a terrible experience to have to go through, it sounds like the long term cosequences may be a lot better than they could have been though.
DesLily said…
sooooo sorry to hear of your sisters accident, and that you had to see it.

I'm glad she will be alright in the long run, but trauma is trauma and it's not a fun thing to go through. I hope she recouperates quickly.
BarnGoddess said…
oh no! I am very thankful your sister is okay.

This is about the 5th time in recent days I have heard of airbags not deploying.

((hugs)) to you, what an awful experience.

I am looking forward to your ocean pictures and tale,
swampwitch said…
((Pamela)) I am so sorry. After I read your previous post, I visualized all of you there together having a wonderful time. So, when I started reading here, I just couldn't believe my eyes. I am so thankful your sister wasn't seriously injured and hope and pray that she recovers quickly.
Heather said…
Oh how horrible! I'm glad she's alright, but I suspect there will be some residual trauma that might linger for awhile - for all of you. Blessings to all of you.
Susie said…
OK blogger just ate my comment! grrr!
I'm so sorry this happened on your getaway. I know some of what you must have felt witnessing the accident as I saw my daughter's car get broadsided, lose control and hit a tree head on. I was sure she would not survive, but had just cuts and bruises.
So glad your sister is OK after all she has been through this year.
Looking forward to your ocean pictures.
So sorry to hear this -sending up a prayer for your sis. T
Matt said…
Other than THAT it was a good visit, no? At least the three of you would be able to enjoy the next meeting together....
Pamela...oh, my.

I just read your last two posts back to back. What promised to be a wonderful sisters' gathering instead turned out to be...the most memorable get together of your lives. I am soooo sorry to hear this "story" of yours, but so thankful Sandra is, in your words, "alive and in one blessed piece".

Wow. Heartfelt hugs from me to you. And Sandra. And Trish.
James Cooper said…
I'm glad to hear it was far from the worst it could've been. I hope your sister's injuries heal quickly and completely and that the other guy's insurance covers everything (or that he pay for it all out-of-pocket). I'm sure you'll keep her company and that is important, as a good mental state is remarkably connected to the healing process.
Heather said…
Pam, dear, how horrible! I'm thankful it wasn't worse, and I pray everyone is all healed up quickly.
So sorry.
local girl said…
Thank goodness she's okay! How scary! The camera would be the last thing on my mind, too.
Stephanie said…
Oh, Pamela!!

I came over to tease you about letting Karmyn be in a biker gang when she was 3, and I was hoping for some really cool sister stories (since I have 2 sisters, myself), and then I read this!


I'm so glad you and your sisters are all safe.
Karmyn said…
Amanda called me this morning and filled me in - scared the crap out of me.

I'm glad Sandra is okay (somewhat). YIKES!! How frightening - and just goes to show how important spending time with loved ones is!!!!!!!

(actually - Matt said it best, eh?)
Vicki said…
I am so thankful that your Sister is okay.

It broke my heart for her to have to leave her husbands car on the side of the road. I'm not sure how that would feel but I can imagine it would be more difficult that I can put my mind around.

I heart WillowTree. =) His comment was absolute perfect. If I could see him I'd pinch his cheeks and hug him really tight until he begged me to let go.
Mert said…
I am glad you and your sister are OK, and I hope she has a safe and fast recovery. That stinks that your week had to be tarnished by such a thing.
Devon said…
I'm so glad you got to spend some good, quality time w/ your sisters over the weekend.

Just so sorry how it ended. What a shock for all of you. It is so easy to think we have all the time in the world!

Karmyn is right that we should never put off spending time with loved ones!!
Tiggerlane said…
I couldn't imagine looking in the rear view mirror and seeing that...I would have crashed into something myself.

How horrible -- but glad to hear she is okay. I hope she heals well.
C said…
Oh man. I am so sorry for her injuries. Thank God she her injuries weren't worse than that.
Masago said…
An horrific experience. I am glad she is okay and glad you are okay.
mark said…
Wow, Pamela. I'm so sorry to read this but I'm very glad your sister's okay. That's a horrifying experience seeing it when you can't do anything to stop it. Praying for your sister's speedy recovery.
momto3cubs said…
Saying lots of prayers for a full and speedy recovery.
James Burnett said…
My prayers go out to your sister. Glad she made it and I hope she recovers quickly.

BTW, thanks for your kind words last week when my wife was in surgery.
Biker Betty said…
Pamela, my heart was in my throat reading the whole thing. I'm so glad your sister is okay and I will pray that the soreness and bruises heal quickly for her. So sorry you and her even had to deal with this. Many drivers just don't think before they do stupid things.
Julie said…
Oh Pajamela!

I can't even imagine seeing that in my rear view mirrow. Then for her to have to leave his car there, oh, it just broke my heart.

I am so glad that your sister is okay. A prayer of thanks is what I will be saying for you and your families.
jenn said…
oh pam, I'm so glad that she's okay! what a scary thing to have to witness. I would have been numb too, glad you were there to support her.

I hope you enjoyed the rest of your trip! :)
Anonymous said…
death traps I tell ya ivy

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