As the host of today's Fun Monday I got to choose the topic. I said: I want to see what you see on any given morning this week; from somewhere very near where you live. Front porch, back porch, down the street, around the corner. Just makes sure it's your neighborhood. Post a photo that will send me to the travel agent to book a weekend at your local Bed & Breakfast.

As the host, I don't need to convince myself to come stay at a local B & B. That is why I'm going to just show you what I saw on any given day this week.

I pointed South, East, West, and North. I even pointed it Up- towards the sky. So. the hubby got up on the roof and pointed it down towards the ground (in the back yard.)

The Autumn colors and leaf falls are sure to come soon. We need some cold frosty nights to bring on the golds, reds, and oranges. P.S. I'm praying for snow for November.
* * * * * *

Thank you to all who made this Fun Monday such a delightful hosting duty. I can't wait to do it again.

Check out the post below for ALL THE WONDERFUL BLOGGERS participating in today show and tell.

Next week, Janet - The Planet of Janet ,a new face in the Fun Monday blogfest will be hosting. She won't have her Fun Monday post up until tomorrow - so go check her out on Tuesday and give her your support.


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