It 's A Conspiracy

My Internet Provider did a security update after I left for the weekend trip.

When I returned, my access to blogs and to my own E-mail has been limited and/or totally blocked.

Apparently something went terribly wrong.

The nice technical support person told me they were working hard to return us to normal service.

Even my own blog is sometimes blocked. (It took me 4 hours last night to post my melting sunset. )

Hope to be back 100% soon.

Willowtree. The sunset was about 5:20 p.m.


Willowtree said…
Don't you just love it when the improve things for you, Blogger used to do that all the time.

Thanks for the sunset time, that's not too bad around here it can be as early as 4:45 in winter.
Jeanette said…
Oh no email or annoying!dont u just hate it when they upgrade then u cant do a think, Your your back blogging very soon (((Hugs)))
DesLily said…
you have to love that they are always trying to make Tech Experts out of us that want it SIMPLE! If I wanted to be a Tech I would have taken lessons for it!

Hope all is well soon
Masago said…

Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor Internet hacking stays this blogger from the swift completion of her appointed posting.
Susie said…
I hope my ISP doesn't get the same idea..That seems a bit over the top!
BarnGoddess said…
oh no! Ihope you get the 'bugs' worked out-yikes! blogger is enough pain in the neck

The sunset pictures below are GORGEOUS! I can count on 1 hand how many times Ive been to the ocean, I HOPE no one ever takes it for granted.
James Cooper said…
That's a really effective censor -- it actually keeps you from accessing your own thoughts. Orwellian thought police, here we come!

Karmyn said…
I know how that feels to be denied because of your IP address....remember when Typepad wouldn't let me comment?

Did you ever get the Ballet pics of the kids? I'm assuming not.
mark said…
Oh tech support. As former internet tech support I can tell you that 90% of what they're telling you is lip service and 2% is truth. You can decide what the other 8% is. "we're working hard to return you to normal service" means that when Melvin gets back from lunch he'll take a look. Good luck, Pamela.
Mert said…
That stinks! I hope yuo are back soon too.
momto3cubs said…
But at least you're secure ;)

Hope to see you back tomorrow!


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