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Willowtree for this fun idea.

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mark said…
That's a lovely view, and I'm happy to see bird feeders. I feed the birds too, but you won't see that in my post that's going up early tomorrow morning.
PEA said…
It's fun to see what you see when you open your front door:-) I notice you don't have any snow...I can send you some if you want??? hehe
Mert said…
I love that, Pamela in her pajamelas!

Very pretty!
Kathleen Marie said…
Ha! That is cute! My main front door is on my deck and then you go down...

Great blog and picture! Nice to meet you and we will have to have another blogshere posting day soon!
Beccy said…
Love the presentation
Melissa said…
Now I just want to call you Pajamelas!

Your view is awesome! Do you have more than one of those brick pillars?
Robin said…
Cute caption, Pamela :).

And it's fun seeing your front view (since we all know your backyard so well!).

This is fun, huh?
Jenny said…
I adore your front yard!

BarnGoddess said…
nice front door photo! it looks peaceful. Where are all the birds?
Susan in va said…
"Pamela in her Pajamelas" - Priceless!

I love your view!

P.S. I'm participating, too! I must have forgotten to inform Vicki :(
Masago said…
Nicely framed. Would be interesting to see the photographer in this one. :-)
swampwitch said…
Swampwitch posting from her Pajamelas... love the bird feeders, as you already know ! Is that an aspen or some type of birch. My front door view will be up tomorrow as B's birthday post took precedence.
Shauna said…
Very pretty. . . Love the big trees!
Kellie said…
'Pamela in her Pajamelas'--that is too cute!
Tiggerlane said…
Nicely framed view! And great tag - "Pamela in her Pajamelas!"
Heather said…
love the lamp! i want one.
Vicki said…
I want to see the picture of Pamela in her Pajamas. Woo Hoo Lacy!

Hey.. add me to your list of people with a view!! I'm over here alone. left out in the cold. sniff..sniff.. rejected..sniff..snot... lonely.

Whining worked at WT's.. does it work here too?
momto3cubs said…
Cute caption for your photo, LOL.

I like the Birch tree. Nice landscaping.

~Kila at momto3cubs
local girl said…
LOL! Pajamelas! Very creative!

I may have to join this one. Looks like fun!
Karmyn said…
That looks awfully familiar.
Pam said…
Just saying hey...


Birches are my fav tree next to pines.

tlawwife said…
I love the way you framed your picture.

My name doesn't rhyme so well but I did take my picture while in my pajamas so I feel like I am in good company.
willowtree said…
There's always someone who has to be clever! Those art classes are getting to you. Oh, and while I'm at it....very nice view, the place looks friendly
Susie said…
Love the front door view! Cute catchy name Pajamela!
That one might stick!!!
Bethany said…
Pajamelas! heehee
Julie said…
Pajamelas! I love it! Love your view too! I like your brick & rail fence.

This is so much fun!
Matt said…
Pam, I think that you should start a cult. You definately have the skills to be a good cult leader. Seriously.
sarala said…
This is cute. I'll look into your cult.
East of Oregon sent me from her blog.
Kurt said…
I like the birch tree. Love birches, actually, they remind me of the farm I used to live on in Canada in my childhood.

But you also seem to have a forlorn, shell of a tree across the street. How long has that been like that?
Rose said…
This is my first visit to your blog. What a lovely photo. You have a very nice view.
Somehow, I thought you lived out on that patch of prarie with a view of the mts in front of you :)
Amy W said…
Cool view! Love the bird feeders as well.
Anonymous said…
i don't wear pajamas
it would be ivy in her bedivy
bermudabluez said…
Love your view! But mostly...I love the pajamelas! Perhaps you should change your name.... :))
ChrisB said…
I obviously didn't follow the rules last year because I don't seem to be on the original list but I did join the party from day one, honest I did!

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