Ice Cap - Knee Cap

When the weather dipped into the teens the first night we took a picture of our backyard pond with the underwater light on. It was just beginning to snow. There was not enough snow to protect our flower beds and flowering shrubs that responded to the 60 degree weather only days before.

This morning the ice is attempting to build up on the waterfall.

This is not ice!
This morning while that ice was forming, the hubby was undergoing arthroscopic surgery.

This is his torn meniscus, captured by the miniature video that the orthopedic surgeon uses to examine, scrutinize, and repair. Isn't that amazing?

Now the hubby is snuggled up in the recliner, next to the fireplace, sleeping off the effects of the anesthesia . . . . . with an ice-pack on his knee. Keeping him this way for the next few days will be about as successful as discouraging ice from forming on the pond.


Karmyn said…
Glad dad's out of surgery okay.
Peter said…
That looks cold, it's harder to convey extreme heat with a photo so you'll have to take my word for it.
I've been hoping that some of my commenter's could explain their State motto's to me, you have been no help!!!
Susie said…
Isn't is amazing how fast they get people in and out of the hospital these days?
Hope he's comfortable and pain free.
We're freezing down here as well.
Loved your pictures of the pond!
(How do your fish fare in all this cold??)
Claudia said…
when I had my knee surgery, they encouraged me to start moving it and putting weight on it as soon as possible because it actually helps the knee heal faster...I hope he has a speedy recovery all through the PT!
SongBird said…
Loved the ice pictures. Medical technology is truly amazing, too! Hope your husband is recuperating nicely.
PEA said…
Hi Pamela...thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment:-) I always enjoy "meeting" new people!! Hope your hubby recovers quickly...I was wondering at first what I was looking at when I saw those pictures! lol It's supposed to go down to -4 F here overnight...good old Northern Canadian weather! lol Hugs xox
Willowtree said…
A meniscus you say...well it sure reminds me of something, but I don't think it's a meniscus.
Peter said…
Thanks Pamela, that would very likely be the reason for the State motto.
James Burnett said…
I got the same advice as Songbird when I tore my meniscus and my ACL. And all I got for listening to that advice was a longer-lasting limp. Tell your husband to enjoy his convalescence. There'll be plenty of time for moving and what not.
BarnGoddess said…
beautiful pictures! you captured it well :)

ouchy, your poor husband. Knee surgery is NO FUN. I feel his pain. Ive had 3 knee surgeries after my car accident. My lateral meniscus is gone forever.

hopefully your husband heals fast and 100%!
DesLily said…
Good to hear all went well with the surgery... I hope you are more successful at keeping him in the chair then you expect lol

ps thanks for emailing me!!
Shauna said…
Glad things went well for hubby. . .Tie him to his recliner and make him follow doc's orders!
Masago said…
Enjoyed the winter glimpse...about the knee photos...yikes!
Matt said…
Now that's how you do winter.
Connie said…
I hope your husband does well in his healing period. It is truly amazing how quickly they are able to release patients now. Hopefully everyone has a good nurse at home like you.

Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful words regarding my sad feelings over the loss of my mother.

Take care,
Vicki said…
So your husband doesn't sit still either? I know how you feel.

I so want a water mathingy in my back yard too. We have a HUGE amount of Sandstone rock that seems to pop up after every freezing. I have hauled truck load after truckload out of my back yard trying to make a place for grass to grow. I think I should try a water fountain thingy this summer... ?? I like the underwater lights.. did you do it yourself?
Stephanie said…
Great pics, again, Pamela!

I was going to ask when your husband was going to start his PT, but I noticed that might be controversial among the commenters, so even though I'm a nurse I think I'll instead just wish him speedy healing!
Heather said…
So if you run out of ice for hubby's knee, you just run out to the other caps.
Hope he heals quickly, for your sanity as much as his.
Stephanie said…
Heh-heh! I like Heather's line.

And I heart Vicki just for using the word "mathingy."
James Cooper said…
When I was going to college back east we had a small waterfall on campus that froze on the coldest of days. Growing up in Southern California it always amazed me how it could get so cold that every last bit of moisture out there could completely freeze up, even flowing streams and waterfalls. It also surprised me how huge icicles can get :-)

Hope your husband has a fast recovery, regardless of how well he follows doctors orders.
Amanda said…
The pond looks pretty even when it's frozen. :) And I am glad to know that Dad is out of surgery and doing fine!!
Pamela said…
We came home with "exercises" but NO WEIGHT BEARING - for at least 3 days. I had to work today - so he was on his honor. Exercises will follow -

Vicki... you will have to go back to my archives and learn about the pond... there once was a globe willow .... sigh.

The hubby built it and I helped as much as I could.
I love to listen to the waterfall at night.
Ashley said…
I'm actaully jealous
i can only wish my backyard looked like that.
Kila said…
Good luck keeping hubby on his seat. Just keep feeding him.
mark said…
Very cool pond pictures! Glad to hear the patient is doing well.
Jenny said…
Poor guy. Just keep the painkillers on hand. For you.

It kills me when I have to nurse Victor. He's such an awful patient.
Hey thanks for leaving a note at my new blog.

Hope hubby recovers well!

Gorgeous pond - you must be one of those gardening types.
Robin said…
My niece just had surgery to repair her acl & meniscus and she thought (thinks) the PT is worse than the procedure itself. Hope he's faring well by now (and you, too;) ).

Man, I have pond envy. Beautiful in EVERY season!
local girl said…
Isn't it amazing what technology can do now? I'm sure hubby is doing fine since he has you to take care of him!
Anonymous said…
creeps me out

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