Aerobic Blog Hopping

I started a quick blog hopping adventure by first visiting Tim Delaney in my next door neighbor State Idaho. He calls himself the Rambling Irishman and gives me the giggles with his cartoon choices of the moment. His moniker is What you See is What you Get.

From his comment section I wandered over to see Gwen of Gwen's Den. She lives in Yarrawonga (Australia), shares favorite tunes, plays Victorian Lady's Lawn Bowl and tells silly Irish Jokes. I just love to say Yarrawonga and dance around the room to the cadence.

I stepped from there into a worm hole that transported me to Sudbury, Ontario, Canada where I met Pea of Pea's Corner. I was so excited because she was posting genealogy pictures which included her late grandma and her sentimental jewelry. Previous posts had photo's of some fine antiques. She got married the same year that the Hubby and I did.

Her blog roll caught my eye and I clicked right in to Serious Mumbo Jumbo. Her Template is for the dogs. Cocker Spaniels to be exact. The blogger's name is Connie and she made my day with this little ditty: Dear God, if you can't make me young, give all my friends wrinkles. I've already got the required equipment to be a part of her inner circle.

One of her commenters was JudyPatoootie. Who could resist checking her out. She blogs at Memories are Made of This. I feel like I hit the jackpot tonight with all the blogs I'm choosing randomly having so much history and family heirlooms. Patoootie has some wonderful wedding portraits and you just gotta love those bridesmaid dresses!!!

Poetry Galore
was at the top spot on her sidebar so I followed that link. Peter posts "poetry that stirs me." He is another one from down under. I liked his original poem for Christmas that he wrote for his blogging friends.

After pointing blindly at one of his links I returned to the northwest to Wilsonville Oregon to Old Horsetail Snake. He calls his previous posts "Dead Horses" and his blogroll the "Geriatric Ward." One of his quotes was, "I've had amnesia as long as I can remember." He also posted a crooked picture. Good. I can't figure out how to use my photoshop, either.

I spotted a stuttering serpentine at the bottom of his blogroll and took a transcontinental click on my mouse. DDDragon in Pennsylvania had a procedure, Esophagogastorduodenoscopic (EGD), last Friday. Prior to that she'd endured the barium swallow test. Been there, done both, this summer. She POSTED the pictures of her insides that they send home with you and you never remember they even gave to you. Prior to the procedure my Doctor told me not to go near my computer or go back to work. I asked him if I could read a book and his response was a hearty laugh and the promise that I could read it today and read it again tomorrow. (Amnesia drugs.) Acid Reflux makes me feel like a dragon. And like DDDragon, I came home with no specific diagnosis other than maybe I need to chill out. "Is Anything Truly Random," is the name of her blog.

After my exercise here today, I think the answer is NO.

Blog Hopping Hat Tip to Ian


local girl said…
Boy, you sure made your rounds today! What a great blogging friend you are!ht
Peter said…
Hi Pamela, now as I understand it you visited my poetry galore site after clicking on a comment by judy patootie??
Judy is a lady I had never heard of until yesterday and both she and I operate "other" blogs as our main ones, so the window of opportunity was quite small.
Thanks for the visit anyway, I remember reading of someone who did a similar thing called "six degrees of separation" following limks until they could get back to their own blog, all from a random start, I must try it out!!
judypatooote said…
Why Thank You for posting me on your blog....I love your post, it is a great way to meet new blogging friends.....I will check back......
swampwitch said…
... now I have my day scheduled for me...Blog Aerobics, clicking at Pamela's place...Thanks.
BarnGoddess said…
cute! now I had better get busy busy reading these new blogs (to me)
Peter said…
You might like to have a look at a trip I did today from South Africa to Australia it
Susan in va said…
What fun! I've hopped around a little bit this week, too! And I've found a few new friends. If my circle gets any bigger, I'll never get away from my computer!!!!

Karmyn said…
When I first started blogging _ I visited Pea's Corner a few times...but as a lurker.

I'm with Susan - if I expand my circle any bigger, I'll never get away from my computer (and that is BAD - because Buttercup is patiently waiting for me to play "Pippi Longstocking"
Heather said…
Wshoo. I'm worn out. I hope you stretched before and after this routine.
Nan said…
Great post! I've done some blog hopping lately. I'm going to have to make a post of it next time I do.
You and my Mom would get along swimmingly... she lives for genealogy!
Susie said…
Although I haven't had time to do much blog hopping lately, I recognize several that you visited. I'll make it a point to check out the ones that are new to me!
James Burnett said…
You must be tired ;>)

And I agree with you - nothing's random. The fact that you hopped all over to blogs of folks who share interests or traits with you proves there's some logic in the cosmos. We meet who we're supposed to.

Before I forget, I've really been enjoying what I read here so I added you to my blogroll yesterday.

Keep up the good work!
Kila said…
I wish blog hopping counted as exercise--I'd be a size 4 by now ;)

How fun to fly from one home/country/culture to another, meeting great folks along the way, all without leaving the chair. I'll have to check out the ones you found.
AJ said…
Wow!!...Isn't it fascinating how we can literally circle the globe just visiting blogs!! haha... I love it!! Thanks for your kind words about the interview, it went great!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!....and no cleaning! LOL
LittleJen said…
Hey Pamela, you are certainly on the ball, thx for visiting my site, hope you like the strawberry receipes.
Have a lovely weekeend.
Gwen said…
Hi Pamela..
Thanks for your visit,hope you got a giggle.
It's nice to meet you too,talk again .
her indoors said…
it would be great if we got paid for blog hopping yes? but its so much fun traveling around reading posts from all over the world i just love it!
Jeanette said…
Hi Pamela
im back blogging again still got Joanne (Little Jen) visiting me
take care
Marti said…
This is really a neat idea! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I see you do memes, so if you ever want to try another, consider the "What would I do for a million dollars?" one! It's fun, and I would love to read your answers (to one or all of the questions - or you can even write your own!)

Thanks again for stopping by, and I hope you have a wonderful day!
Devon said…
What fun! I love blog hopping and have found several of my favorites this way!

I have been updating my blog and had major trouble! I need a class on blogging!

Finally, things are worked out and I hope all goes well from here!
Biker Betty said…
It's fun to "Blog Hop" and see all the interesting blogs there are. I especially love how so many decorate their pages. Some day I hope to change the design of my page and I love all the ideas out there.

Have a great weekend,
Betty :)
C said…
The internet is as safe as you get when you want to meet new people and it's a great tool for learning.
DesLily said…
Do you take comments from "old farts"? heh..

good lord! I cannot have a longer list of blogs!! It's at 60 now!
Masago said…
The flight of the blogglebee...
Hale McKay said…
Hello. I am here by way of Peter.
Your circuitous trip around Blogdom landed you some of the Blogs of which I am familiar, Peter and Old Hoss in patricular.

I like your writing style. That kind of random blog hopping has an inherent danger that not only will your Blogroll grow, but you just might be added the Blogrolls of others.

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