I don't use bone china

Dirty Uncle Mark (who is barely old enough to be nephew age, much less Uncle) drinks Dagoba Hot Chocolate from his lovely bone china tea cup. When he grows up he is going to be an attorney.

You have to hand wash bone china, so I'll let him do the dishes.

I'm not nearly so fancy, with my cups or with my choice of chocolate. But I'll compare it to any brand, any day, any time. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Even the hubby enjoys it and he's not a chocolate fan.
OKAY! I ADMIT IT. I DON'T REALLY DRINK OUT THIS CUP.. grumble grumble grumble.

(No, those aren't cocoa beans. Yes, I think they are real moose turds.)

How do you drink your hot cocoa?


mark said…
Aww, thanks Pamela. You'll be shocked to know that one of my nieces is a teenager. Your hot chocolate looks supurb and I'm making mental notes of what it looks like. That coffee cup... hilarious! I love it. Puts my bone china cup to shame.
Karmyn said…
Oh mom (hanging my head in shame...yes, your parents can still embarrass you at 36.) hee hee:)
Peter said…
Hi Pamela, I have a mug a bit like this, it has a cockroach in the bottom of it. I was lucky enough to catch it when it was thrown across the room the only time I used it to surprise a visitor.
swampwitch said…
OH ! I drink the same brand of hot chocolate...mint flavored though. I love it.
OH! I have a cup, but instead of moose turds, and BTW, those look like very small moose turds, mine has a teeny-weeny toad in the bottom.
OH ! Same experience Peter had, except I didn't catch it. But it didn't break.
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DesLily said…
... i leave out the "turds" ..heh..

cute post!
BarnGoddess said…
I want to try this hot chocolate! it looks good minus the turds of course ;)
Stephanie said…
Know why I love you? 'Cause you're so versitile. One day poetry, the next day moose turds!!
Heather said…
I have the best recipe for hot chocolate. Okay, so it's mostly the recipe on the back of the Hershey's Cocoa box (and making it with their Dark Chocolate cocoa, wow), but it takes a lot of timing to get it just right, I'm sure, plus the meticulous additions of just the right number of marshmellows or amt of whipped cream or that sprinkle of cinnamon.
Mert said…
Though I prefer mine without Moose poop, I do enjoy an occasional cup of sugar free Swiss Miss... with cat hair.

Sugar free because my daughter becomes a sugar crashing mess when she has too much. We do add whipped cream though.
Vicki said…
I make Hot Chocolate from the recipe on the back of the Hershey's Cocoa package. I only drink it about twice a year. My daughter makes it almost every day.
Susie said…
Mmmm hot chocolate. Mine has to have loads of whipped cream on the top. If I indulge, I don't do it halfway!
Jenn said…
love, love, love stephen's hot cocoa, it's simply the best. Now all you need is a hot chocolate maker to get it to that perfect temperature and stirred till frothy! YUMMY!!

The mug is too cute, I've see those, but could never bring myself to buy one, just the thought of finding that on the last sip, is too much for me!
Susan in va said…
HAHAHAHA! I love the cup! I don't think I could actually drink out of it, though. It kinda gives me the heebie jeebies.

Gourmet coffee is GREAT in bone china - hot chocolate needs to be savored in a big ol' mug....with marshmallows. YUM!!
Willowtree said…
You have struck on one of my strongest phobias, I cannot drink out of a novelty mug with stuff inside.

Something about them not being able to be cleaned properly. I have nothing against novelty mugs, I have a few myself, I just can't drink from them.
Kila said…
LOL, cute mug, but I couldn't actually use it.

I'm not a hot chocolate drinker, but my boys drink it every day. They warm it up in a tall glass in the microwave, those poor deprived children.
Devon said…
The only time I drink hot chocolate is after freezing my....off on a ski slope. If I fell that day, then I ask for a bit of pepperment schnapps and hold the whip cream!
Matt said…
Two-turds full? Love that low brow humor, Pam. :)
Masago said…
I first read that as "mouse turds"...I was thinking you must have some awesome mice down there. :-)
marnie said…
Seriously cracking up! Great mug. Mine look so boring in comparison.. and it doesn't make anyone laugh.
Jodi said…
That's the funniest thing ever... nothing like some good outdoor humor!!
Robin said…
Hmmmm, I'll have to see if I can find that cocoa...me likey the name ;).

I have three favorite mugs, and I agree with Susan--you need a BIG mug for hot chocolate, and gourmet coffee should be sipped from fine china.

And, i n t e r e s t i n g...we learn a Willowtree double-naught secret phobia (anything you blog can and will be used against you....).
you crack me up!
you ALL crack me up!

I drink Ghiradelli hot chocolate, not because I'm a snob, but because when you live next door to Ghiradelli, every one gives you Ghiradelli for every gift. I'm willing to drink hot chocolate at other's homes, and everyone here offers the Ghiradelli. The dark chocolate hot choc. is my fav.
Novelty mug with **** that's a little too weird, even for me :)
local girl said…
I put a little caramel into my hot chocolate.

How did moose turd get into that cup? LOL!
Connie said…
Nice blog! Got here via "Animal Mind."

Dawn said…
hmmmm some hot chocolate sounds really good right now. love love love the mug! :)

♥ Dawn
Jenny said…
When I first saw that mug I thought it had two cockroaches in it. By comparison moose turds sound delish.
kate said…
I like using a big thick mug... I really dont drink a lot of hot chocolate I prefer coffee... but when I do lets make it really dark and righ and add tons of whipped cream on it... with a squirt into the mouth before putting the can away! =]

My son is sitting right here next to me saying sure mommy sure... lol he doesnt seem to think I am any fun at all! hehehe

Bibi said…
I;m with you on that. Love Stephen's Raspberry Chocolate ... I've tasted all kinds of hot cho, and it takes some beating!!
East of Oregon said…
It's a fabulous mug! And the hot choc sounds lovely - especially on a cold morning - it's 28 here this morning, which is very cold for us.
Bonnie B said…
How do I drink my chocolate? Oh let me count the ways--
buttershots, peppermint schaps or perhaps a little bailey's today?
But perhaps the way to do a sippy
is by the fire when you are feeling nippy.

Hey, didn't you miss me?Bad poetry is always good for the winter
Anonymous said…
i now need to find out why it is called bone china


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