Ice Can Look Nice

When there is an inversion and the fog rolls into a shivery valley it is both dangerous and breathtaking.

Walking on the gravelly path seems stable, but even the small twigs that stick up around the edges grab onto the moisture and create little artistic ice crystals.

a male house finch adds a spot of color!

After a few days of this wintery chill,  a warm Chinook wind blew in.  It was probably pushed ahead of what the weatherman called an "atmospheric river" which drenched the west siders way beyond seasonal norms.

It is forecast that  Christmas will be warm and no white stuff falling.  At least not here.

May there be moments of peace and hope in your hearts as you celebrate this holiday. Hug each other.  Feed the birds


Coffeypot said…
I love icy winter scenes as well as snow covered areas... on book of face. I'll stick to the good ole south, thank you very much.

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