Technology described in one word: Smaller

I can't keep up.

The other night our 29 year old niece stopped by for a short visit. She pulled out her Mac lap top to show us a collections of her more recent photographs taken with her Canon Rebel. She uses Aperture, "the ultimate photographer's workstation," to work with them.

I commented on her jewelery which caused her to chortle.
It was a mini Ipod.

Am I the only one not aware that you
could put a hook in an Ipod
and dangle it from your ear?

I do not have an Ipod, nor do I have a Blackberry.

Nevertheless, I do have plenty of small things . For instance, the memory card on my Canon Power Shot reminds me of a communion wafer. If you don't do church then think in terms of a Wheat Thin.

The amount of photographs I can save on a skinny little CD is beyond anything we could comprehend when limited to photographic film.

I threaten to carry a magnifying glass so I can read the icons that light up on my cell phone. I am barely able to dial my new cell phone without taking a picture of my feet. Don't look for my toes showing up on the blog, however.

"Resistance is Futile." That is what crossed my mind the first time I saw the Blue Tooth Razr phone. Standing in line somewhere, I hear the fellow next to me talking - hands in pocket. I thought he was hearing voices. He turned towards me and he was a frickin' Borg from Star Trek. Now I see them everywhere. I would buy one if it would turn me into Seven of Nine.

The little Thumbnails (update: excuse me Willotree, Flash Drives or Thumb Drives ) are right out of a James Bond Movie. My friend Kim received her first thumbnail for Christmas. She wears it around her neck to school where she teaches special kids. A 6-year old was intrigued that she could plug it in and take all her school data home with her. He checked it out very closely and asked if it ever got full. She told him she could erase it anytime she wanted. He pondered this for awhile and then peered into the end of it and said, "but how do you get a pencil down there?"

A recent addition to the pack is that new Iphone. I read about all of its prowess the other day. It can do everything but wipe your nose. But, don't despair. I'm sure it can remind you to do so.

In spite of this trend, there do seem to be a few things that are becoming larger. Televisions. . . . Computer monitors . . . . Pick-up Trucks........ my Butt. . .ercup.

(fyi: Buttercup is my 3 year old grandaughter)


mark said…
I love the technology, but I'm careful to not let it overtake my life. What most people don't realize is that instead of making your life easier, the technology is making your life move faster and you're busier than before - that is if the technology reliably works. I still enjoy the old technology too. Unlike most people my age, (I'm younger than your 29 year old niece), I've got a typewriter and I love to use it.
Jeanette said…
Technolgy is moving to fast, My grandkids all have Ipods, 3mp players ,i think thats what there calle. Smiling as I type this using the computer Lol
Peter said…
You raised a good point with the miniature screens we need to decipher, my eyesight is failing in perfect time with this trend, I haven't been able to read these things for years.
Jenny said…
Technology scares the hell out of me.

I plan on being the last person in the world to buy an ipod.
DesLily said…
I can beat Jenny... I will be the last person on earth to own a cell phone!
BarnGoddess said…
my husband has all that bluetooth technology and a fancy system fixed up in his work truck, it took him a week to figure it all out.

digital cameras are awesome! I dont know how I lived w/out it before...
Fish-2 said…
I might be tempted to get a cell phone if they had one that did nothing but make and receive calls, period.

My daughter gave me one so she can call free from next door (it was an extra she had and can't seem to get off her plan without paying more than it costs to leave it on). Of course out here in the hills it only works if you balance on your left foot atop the flagpole while facing east/southeast.

If I had a bluetooth I'd be seeing my dentist posthaste.
Robin said…
I bow to deslily, I can't imagine life without a cell phone :/.

I laugh at bluetooth users, sorry, kinda the same way I'm amused by hummer owners (which are BIG and make me think they're overcompensating for "something"...).


Thanks for the smiles, Pamela. This post was chock full of 'em ;).
Matt said…
I have a Razr phone w/ GPS and music but I'm waiting for the technology that would allow me to actually receive a phone call in my head.

The blue tooth sets are considered by younger people to be unfashionable b/c middle-aged businessmen really have taken to them and they look pretty queer.

Their are some stumbling blocks in technology and the early adopters often look stupid for buying into the wrong fads.

Love those ipod minies, though.

(and what are YOU going to do w/ a Blackberrie?)
Mert said…
BORG, LOL! Don't feel bad. Though I'm not as big of a techno-tard as I used to be, whenever I suddenly hear loud talking aimed right at the back of my head in line somewhere... it can be a little unsettling to say the least.

I just think that its so bizarre that just 20 years ago it was taboo to discuss bowel movements in polite company or otherwise, but now you have complete strangers shouting their sexual conquests into a head set while perusing the frozen food section.
I have to admit that I was anti-cell phone and anti-iPod and now I have both.

I never thought of comparing blue tooth users (my doctor husband included) to Borg, but that really does fit - who is that person talking to anyway and why is there a blue glow coming from the side of his head?
(Sorry, the last part of my post got cut off and I had to say this.)
If I had to be a Borg, it wouldn't be so bad to be Seven of Nine. I'd love to have her figure.
Claudia said…
Yeah, I remember the first time I saw someone talking on the cell phone with an earpiece...this was before the Borg is very strange. However, I cannot have anything too small...I'd lose it in a heartbeat!
Karmyn R said…
My future:

I'll be 80 yrs old talking to my grandchildren - only to realize that they are Plugged in - wires sticking out of their head as they carry on 5 conversations at once and do their homework.
swampwitch said…
All this makes me feel 'out of it.' I need to go see if I can find my iPod and look for a place to put a hook in it. Might as well, there aren't any songs on it.
Heather said…
I don't like blue tooths. you don't know when someone is speaking to you or the phone. and people just wear them. all the time. whether they are on the phone or not. what, do they think they're the 6 billion dollar man or something?
Willowtree said…
As you know, I'm a techno geek so this stuff doesn't bother me (except for the price). I thought I was pretty much up on things until you started talking about 'thumbnails', but then by the description you gave, the light came on....are you talking about a thumb drive?
Susie said…
I'm with you on the small screens being hard to read on so many of these gadgets. I've finally decided a cell phone is a convenience and part of my life now..
marnie said…
I'm waiting for a phone that folds laundry, takes the dog for a walk and does dishes.

Let me know if you stumble across something like that.
wolfbaby said…
ok i kept up with most of it till the last bit and even with an update im still lost;)

I m with marnie... let me know when you find one that does the house chores and changes diapers!!!
SongBird said…
I want my life to be as simple as possible and so many of the techno gadgets are just more than I want to mess with.
ablondeblogger said…
I have NO idea how to operate either an MP3 player or an IPod. I carry around this very big and ugly, silver and orange (puke) CD player, lol.
local girl said…
Glad to hear that I'm not the only one without an ipod! I just don't see the point since my Treo Smartphone is also an MP3 player. Don't you just love technology?
Gwen said…
Hi Pamela..
Thanks for the visit,I can usually
place my words easy.But the gagets
that are around today loose me.
I have a moble phone,and thats so the family can find me when I get
seperated from them while shopping.
Stay Well
Melissa said…
Cory and I both have ipods. And mac laptops. But oh, how I want that Treo Smartphone.

Unfortunately, like Marnie, I have laundry to do, and the Treo won't do my laundry. *cry*
Vicki said…
My kids have a ipod. I want one. Desperatly. However I want new pots and pans worse so I'm waiting.
PEA said…
My mom is terrified of her answering machine and her DVD player...she's 75 and I guess doesn't like modern technology very much! lol It truly is amazing how much technology as come along...from a 78 record that was thick and heavy and played one an iPod that holds thousands of songs! Have a wonderful weekend Pamela:-)
Kila said…
I hear you--I'm not keeping up either and I'm "only" 36. I've never even looked at an ipod or Blackberry, and am not interested.

I think we are making life much more difficult that it has to be.
When I get to thinking I am kinda good at using electronic equipment I just listen to the kids on my bus and realize I am a dinosaur. I finally broke down this past Christmas and asked one of my grandchildren what the heck an ipod was. The rest of the stuff is all greek food to me.
Amanda said…
We finally got an MP3 player. We were behind the times too. It's nice though, I can listen to music while I walk. No disks skipping, etc.
Whippersnapper said…
We still play LPs around here. High Intensity calls them "big CDs." AND we have a ROTARY DIAL phone. Ha! Beat that, anyone!!!!
Biker Betty said…
I've heard of everything, but the iPhone. That's a new one. We use the Thumbdrives all the time in my house.

I love your observations: "he was a frickin' Borg from Star Trek." I laughed my head off on that. I never thought about that and now I always will, lol.
Masago said…
Enjoyed immensely... and "My butt", what a hoot!
LittleJen said…
you can never keep up with technolgy as soon as you buy something and walk out the shop an upgrade or new version is just around the corner.
I brought a new computer, 3 months later my parents brought one and even in 3 months I thought..."what the!!!!
judypatooote said…
I am a gaggit gal, who can't spell worth a darn....but heck, I figure if you don't have to hold the phone up to your ear, or go pick up the phone when it rings, what exercise would ya get....LOL I love your is so funny, and I can relate.....I finally set my phone up so that all I have to do is press a number and my daughters phone would ring, or my friends... but then i had to remember who had what number, and when their name popped up, which one was cell and which one was home.....but after looking closely, with glasses raised, I saw a tiny, and I mean tiny house next to one number and a cell next to the other....but I refuse to give up trying....have downloaded ringtones, and think thats pretty cool....but remember I'm old, and it does't take much to get me
Shauna said…
I know what you mean about technology. . .Being in school I have had to stay up with it. . .not by choice. . .

I will say tho - I LOVE MY THUMB DRIVE! I carry it in my purse and can use it anywhere!
Ashley said…
small pieces of equipment like that kinda scare me.

honestly. i think theyre ridiculous. i mean how odd is it witnessing someone screaming into a peanut?

i think those mini ipod shuffles are r-i-d-i-c-u-l-o-u-s
Hootin'Anni said…
Y'all definitely know more than I!! I'm a blond grandma through and through. If I can actually operate a camera I'm doing well in my book!!!

Happy Sunday.
Claudia said…
Good God!! It just occured to me that 20some years ago, in the days of LPs and cassettes, when 8-tracks were on their way out, that I used to watch a certain Mork from Ork going..."NanuNanu," all he really wanted an iPod Nano!!

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