January Perfect Post Award

I've nominated Susan In Virginia for a January Perfect Post Award.

A Perfect Post – January 2007

If you have time for a tummy warming giggle, please click here for her January 10 episode of CSI: Virginia. This post made me laugh out loud, and then want to squeeze her and her three little imps in a big grandma hug. Then, I wanted to sneak under the table with Funny Girl and munch on Ghiradelli chocolates.

Any one of her daily posts is apt to make you smile. I can't go to work in the morning unless I've clicked on her blog, ARE WE THERE YET, to see what Inquisitor, Golden Boy or Funny Girl have done or said that day.

Visit Lindsay/Lucinda at www.suburbanturmoil.blogspot.com and MamaK at www.petroville.com on February 1st to see other Perfect Post awardees.


SongBird said…
Bravo!!! That post was one of my favorites ever!! The expressions on her kids' faces were perfect as was everything else with the post!!

I've been out of commission for awhile and just caught up with you tonight. Thank God your sister is alive and well. I loved your sunset pictures and the captions!
Karmyn said…
That was a funny one!!!!

Hey - I think you should post a picture of your AMX.
Robin said…
Ooooo, that was a GREAT one to nominate. Hmmmm, I like those perfect post thingies, I need to watch for one in coming months :).
Susan in va said…
Finally! I've been trying to log into your site all morning to THANK YOU! (Blogger is being a bugger again!) How sweet of you, Pamela! I'm gushing with giddiness this morning! You have made my day...no my week....make that MY YEAR!


P.S. I saw where you were nominated on Heather's site (One Woman's World)...and I voted for you!
Mert said…
Congratulations! I am going to read that right now! BTW, I voted for you at Share the Love :D
Kathleen Marie said…
Pam, this was an excellent and VERY funny choice. I don't think I had ever visited her blog before and I know I have never heard of this monthly award before.

Oh, and thank you for the HUGE compliment on my Forgiveness Post. You really blessed me.

Thanks for sharing. Hugs!
C said…
CSI Virginia - defacating on privat property - by the look of her face - I hope that's just chocolate.
swampwitch said…
BloggerBooger wouldn't let me visit during the time I had "allocated" for blogging yesterday. I loved that post.
Pamela said…
This comment has been removed by the author.

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