4 Sale

My blog is worth $279,447.30.
How much is your blog worth?


Willowtree said…
Holy crap! I thought you said yours wasn't worth much. That's more than most of the blogs I've seen today.
Pamela said…
WT... I didn't take the time to see what the "value" was based on.

I figured it must be something like Wheel of Fortune, and I bought less vowels.
Masago said…
Wow! Please don't sell, it's hard to image a new owner would be able to keep up the same quality.
Claudia said…
I tried to figure out what it was based on but I have no clue!! Oh well! It would be nice to get some of that money, wouldn't it??
Amanda said…
I did mine. Told me it was worth $0.00. Whatdya know.
Pass The Torch said…
That's a deal! Do you come with the blog?

I'll buy it! (Right after I win the lottery;))
Anonymous said…
fun idea ivy

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