January 1, 2007

The wild geese were flying once more this morning. I love to hear them calling to each other while watching them change formation.

Several miles from our house is a flood control lake and the cold mountain river that diverts to fill it. I thought that was where those geese headed.

However, the lake was covered only with ice.
An inversion keeps the fog in the valley
and the snowy mountains are a mystery in the distance.

The robins were thick in the trees. Perhaps the dried blackberries, choke cherries, and elderberries are providing them with sustenance. This one reminded me of a poem my mother would recite when I was very small.

The Old North Wind Blows
and we shall have snow
Oh! What will poor Robin Do then?

He'll sit in the barn
and keep himself warm
and hide his head
under his wing.

As we walked down the river path we saw this ICE DRAGON frozen in flight. So I made up my own short poem.

Freezing Reign
The sun will end
of the Ice Dragon

Help yourself to a couple of fine
popcicles without any
articifial colors or flavors.

It's nice to come home to a fire on the hearth and the RoseBowl on the Big Screen.


Elizabeth Joy said…
Makes me want to bundle up the kids and go out in search of sugar free Popsicles. But my head cold wants to just bundle up under a warm quilt and take a nap.

Elizabeth Joy
Karmyn R said…
It was cold here last night too - but no ice. Cool dragon.
Biker Betty said…
You live in beautiful country. I love your pictures. The robins leave our area for winter. Now I know where they go, lol. I always know when spring is around the corner when I spot my first robin of the year.
wolfbaby said…
thanks for sharing the pics they were so beatiful!!! cool ice dragon;)
Shauna said…
Awesome pictures! ALL OF THEM!

Happy happy new year! ! !
Masago said…
Enjoyed...nice poem.
SongBird said…
Love the pictures and great poem!!
Fish-2 said…
Wonderful pictures. We've had little in the way of winter so far this year, but with lots of seeping springs there have been lots of ice beards hanging from the rock formations.
Julie said…
Cool ice dragon. I am impressed that you braved the cold and went out to take some photos.

Yesterday I was showing McD where I found the calf that we lost so he could haul it off and didn't think I would need my camera. On the drive back to the barn we saw 5 deer. They took off running and then jumped the fence. The prettiest sight I saw all day was when two of them jumped in unison. And there I was without my camera. Shoot!
Bonnie B said…
Beautiful photots-- don't you just love nature's sculptures!

As for me, I love thte insight you put with them.

BTW-- I just tagged you get ready for the MEME "Six weird things about you" This is what happens when I go on vacation, i get tagged and I must pass on the love.
Pamela said…
Elizabeth Joy: Walking towards the mountains seemed fine. Turning around and facing the biting breeze was c-c-c-c-cold
Karmyn: I guess ice dragon is an oxymoron
BB: I rarely see Robins until Spring. I think they were traveling through
Fish-2: Ice beards.
Julie: Shoot. Been there, missed the shot, too.
WB, Shauna, Masago, SB - thanks for stopping in on the first day of the year
DesLily said…
great pictures! I love dragons so guess which one i like best?? heh.
BarnGoddess said…
good post! great pictures :)

I also like listening and watching geese.

I liked your ice dragon poem.
Stephanie said…
Um, we had snow and ice on the beach in Galveston on Christmas 2004. Really!

But nothing, NO-THING as beautiful as what you have!
Robin said…
So dragons ARE real, eh? I guess the only place I've had the pleasure of seeing something similar is when we're driving through the mountains. Does nature ever cease to amaze and inspire you??? Not me, not when I take the time to notice, anyway.

Have I told you Happy New Year? If not.....HAPPY NEW YEAR Pamela!
AJ said…
Wow...I've seen icecicles but those are some neat natural cicles! LOL

Hope your family has a wonderful year! Lets pray its better then 200^! haha
Anonymous said…
it was a dragon.

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