Awards and Me-Me's part 3

Amy of A Family Story tagged me with The Middle Name Meme. She hates her middle name. So you really should click on that link to find out why.

The rules: "You must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had. When you are tagged you need to write your own blog-post containing your own middle name game facts. At the end of your blog-post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog."

I'm so darn lucky I have a short middle name.

R: Reactive (when I should be proactive)
A: Altruistic (I should take better care of myself)
E: Effervescent (I drank too much Alka Seltzer for my heart burn)

Now who to tag? R: READERS


Masago said…
About my middle name:
Melissa said…
Oh I'm doing this one!
Tiggerlane said…
You're a hoot!

I have a middle name no one can correctly pronounce, even though "Corinne" was a character on the TV sitcom "Soap." Remember that?
my4kids said…
"E: Effervescent (I drank too much Alka Seltzer for my heart burn)"
made me laugh and choke on my ice cream cone!

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