I drew a pig

Go Draw a Pig and let your illustration of a little porker analyze your personality.

It was tough drawing a pig with a mouse. I'm sure it would be just as difficult drawing a mouse with a pig.

Here she is. Thanks Pensieve for the idea. If you think I went whole hog on my drawing, go check out Robin's. She butchered it.

This is me, according to the swine chart.
you are a realist.
you believe in tradition, are friendly, and remember dates (birthdays, etc.)
you are analytical, cautious, and distrustful.
you are secure, stubborn, and stick to your ideals.
you are a great listener

Other pigs:
Chris B
Robin @MyTwo Blessings

Let me know if you did the pig and I will link you here.


my4kids said…
You didn't list the last part.lol
I drew one to but haven't posted it, its not working.
ChrisB said…
That's a pretty good looking porker :)
Robin said…
What, Pammy, are you a REAL artiste or something? Nice pig, ESPECIALLY with a mouse!

You're definitely friendly...funny you didn't mention the last category (but I see the tail ;) ).
Shelby said…
you did good :)
DesLily said…
wow! You remember dates?? !

Names and dates... I am sooo bad at those!
Karmyn R said…
I obviously didn't get my artistic drawing ability from you!
Melissa said…
Ooh. Mine is not lovely. :)

"You drew large ears, you are a great listener!" I hope this is true! It also says I'm a risk taker - I'm not sure about that one yet.
willowtree said…
Wow, what a pig. Sorry , I was just pointing out girl in a bar to a friend. Nice drawing.
Susie said…
You are quite the artist. I can't draw at all :)
Masago said…
Not bad, really.
wendster said…
Happy birthday to the hubby. The long tail on your pig must indicate ... endurance? Your husband IS riding a hundred gazillion miles. Wow.
I drew a pig too ... it turned out UUUUUUUGggllly. I am going to my blog to post it now if you want to see.
Devon said…
Great looking pig! I did one but couldn't get it to link to my blog.

You should blog pics of some of your summer art work...I'm sure you have some and I would love to see it!
Marti said…
Hey there Shiny Green Vest Guy - thanks for stopping by and causing me to ROTF laughing!

Hope you have a great Sunday!
kailani said…
Do you agree with the analysis? I definitely think you're a good listener!

BTW, our local rodent is the mongoose. ;-)
swampy said…
I drew a pig, but as you well know, I don't have a clue how to post it.
It had a long, curly tail with a bow.
C said…
Your cat is doing the cat yoga pose. You know the angry cat pose.
C said…
[COLOR=Indigo]Click to view my test results[/COLOR][/URL]
not really on the tail part - quality true but not quantity
Robin said…
Nan lead me to your blog and I couldn't help but try and draw the pig. It was difficult, but did it.

I don't blame you for leaving out the last part. LOL

If you want to add me to the list of pig drawers, that's fine with me.

My Two Blessings

Trinity said…
Oh! This is cool... hahaha.. I want to draw it as well.. will notice you again as soon as I post my pig!

btw, I have a little celebration in my blog with some bags to giveaway... may be you want to visit me and celebrate with us?

Trinity said…
Oink! Here's my piggie..

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