Awards and Me-Me's part 4

Time With Shelby tagged me eons ago (66 days to be exact) with the meme requesting eight random things about me.

I've done several of these in the past, including one by my alter ego ME2. You may want to click on my Label for Tags on the right side bar to hear from her.

In the meantime I'm sure I can come up with eight more random things that I might not have mentioned previously.

Belly Roll please:

1) I hide behind doors in the darkness and jump out and scare the hubby.
2) I have caller ID - and I don't answer the phone if I don't recognize the caller.
3) I don't like potato chips, but I love potatoes. Figure that one out.
4) My little toe is ugly.
5) I have a metal rod in my left leg, and four screws.
6) My most recent resolution is to remove all labels from fresh fruit.
7) When I was younger I could hum a b-flat upon request. (No pitch pipe)
8) I can count to 99 on my fingers.

Those were about as random as I could get.

Hope to see your list soon. (Especially if you have ugly toes.)


BarnGoddess said…
I wish I didnt like tater chips....

post a photo of your little toe!

I wanna see it :)
Karmyn R said…
That's a good Fun Monday topic - the ugliest part of your body
Masago said…
That's interesting, I'd like to know how you came up with these.
Kila said…
Um, can you explain #8?
Tiggerlane said…
I owe Desert Songbird for a gift from my last contest.

She still visits.

It's all good.
Susie Q said…
Oooh...I have ugly feet...well, I think so. I have bunions that cause the big toe to lean in and squash all the others up. Lovely picture isn't it? : ) Okay, way too much info I am handing out here!

Oh how I wish I hated potato chips. They are one of my downsfalls.

my4kids said…
I love your answers! hehehe
I like potatos but not chips also....I totally get it!
I was tagged for this also awhile ago I need to get it done.

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