Awards and Me-Me's part 5

Kathleen Marie -The Open Window tagged me with the Marriage Meme. This one comes with a list of required questions.

The First is:
Where did you meet your spouse?
We were both invited to sing at a friends wedding. As we were married to other people at the time, we didn't pay much attention to each other. However, we met again after our divorces. He was the firefighter/paramedic that answered a call to my house. Shortly after that, our shared friend set us up on a blind date.

What was the first thing you said to your spouse?
When we met??? I don't remember really saying anything. We were alone on the balcony at the wedding rehearsal of our shared friend, and we may have discussed where we would stand.

Where was the first kiss? first date?
Possibly on my front porch. There was a train that rumbled through about 11 pm each night, and I remember the engineer Tooting his Whistle at us. I probably kissed him first - at least that would be his claim. Our first date was my treat at McDonald's. (I had a 4-year old that tagged along)

Did you have a long or short courtship/engagement?
We dated for 10 months before we decided to get married. He swears that I 'm the one that asked.

Where did you get engaged?
As I don't recall asking him, neither do I recall where I asked him.
Wouldn't it have been romantic if he'd driven the ladder truck to my house and proposed from the extension.

Where did you get married?
By the fireplace in a friends living room. It was a 2nd wedding and we didn't feel the need to be elaborate.

How did the reception go?
We had cake, three friends, my mom and aunt, his dad and step mom. Oh! And Karmyn.

How was the honeymoon?
It lasted many years. He still tells me each morning that he loves me.

I would like to tag all of you for this meme. It would be a great Fun Monday topic. (Unless you are single, of course. )


BarnGoddess said…
"Wouldn't it have been romantic if he'd driven the ladder truck to my house and proposed from the extension."

WHAT, you mean he didnt? that would have been VERY romantic...unless he fell.
M@ said…
Did you set that fire, Pam?
Juicer said…
i didnt know any of that about you and dad, so glad i got to read it
Yeah, sigh, not as much fun if you're single.

Next time you tell the story, you should have him proposing by using the extension.

You'll get ever more ohhhhs and awwwws that way. :)
wolfbaby said…

sounds very much like mine;) he says what dont you remember saying yes?

uhh scuse me say again
kailani said…
Sounds like it was destiny!
Heather said…
my goodness, how many times did you guys need to meet?
Kathleen Marie said…
Great answers and so romantic and I like the ladder proposal idea!

Kila said…
Now that's romantic.
Tiggerlane said…
I was in hysterical tears the first time I met my spouse.

At least he saw the worst first!
Beccy said…
I love your honeymoon answer, so romantic.
Bibi said…
There's a strange irony in him putting out your house fire, and then ending up lighting your heart on fire ... very romantic.
wendster said…
Ooooooooooh ... I wanna play! I'm in. How fun to marry a firefighter. They are good guys ... I know .. I dated one once and have a good friend who is a firefighter.
Would have been fun if you had met when the edge of your dress caught fire and he rescued you from being set ablaze or the like, too (or when the edge of HIS dress caught fire and you doused it with a glass of bride and groom toasting wine). But still a very nice story. Let's hear it for second marriages!
Susie Q said…
My dad was a city fire fighter for 25 years so I think FF are pretty great fellas! A more romantic proposal there just could not be!
I love the last question and your answer...may your honeymoon never end!

Willowtree said…
That is definitely a Fun Monday assignment if ever I saw one!!! But if it does get used, you'll have to come up with a different set of answers.
my4kids said…
I love this meme! I haven't seen it yet but I'll do it but probably next week. Its good timing also since we just celebrated our anniversary.
Jodi said…
This gives me something to look forward to... hopefully someday!!

And thank you so much for your kind words to me about my grandma. They were very comforting...
Devon said…
This is a wonderful story... I adore that he still tells you he loves you each morning...Maybe something I should consider! It is easy to forget the little nice things!
swampy said…
Oh my goodness. What a job that was. And what a dedicated Blog Bud you are to EVERYONE. I would bestow an award upon you but you've already won all of them, and besides you have Swampy on your side bar.
I learned so much more about you right here in one little space.

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