Dime Store Glasses, Part 2

Tami is a dental hygienist. A very good dental hygienist.

Hygienists use special protective lenses while working in a patient’s mouth. Tami keeps her personalized eye protection organized and in perfect condition.

However, when it comes to her casual eyewear, Tami is renowned for the exact opposite.

One perfect example occurred when Tami drove her car and two of her associates to a Dental Hygiene Seminar.

At the end of the day, they piled into the car, tired, weary, and ready to head home.

However, before they hit the road, Tami needed to check her phone messages. Even with the dome lights, she wasn’t able to see the information on her tiny cell screen.

“Drat it, I need to find my reading glasses,” she grumbled and began digging through her purse.

Tami’s co-workers knew the drill. She often removes her “dime store glasses” and forgets where she placed them. Her searches usually end up with replacements purchases at Costco, or whatever store is convenient. Sometimes she buys several pair at time. (She’s a good shopper, too!)

While Tami shuffled the purse contents, her friend in the passenger seat opened the glove compartment. The back seat occupant began perusing Tami’s book bag that sat next to her in the empty seat.

The three women were successful. Simultaneously, each held up a pair. Tami donned her eyewear discovery and looked at the others with one of her trademark grins.

“Well, there you go!” she chuckled. She picked up her cell phone and hesitated over it for a moment.

On an impulse, she suggested, “While I check my voice mail, why don’t you two play a little game? We’ll call it “how many pairs of glasses can you find in Tami’s car?”

The other two were intrigued and began going through the door pockets, the center console, under the seats, and every orifice the car interior afforded.

When 10 more pair were secured, laughter shook the car.

“Oh no! I found two more!” One woman screamed.

The jubilation prompted Tami to join the hunt by inspecting the area surrounding the driver’s seat.

When the excavation was complete, twenty-three drug store glasses sat in a heap.

It was quite the spectacle.

* * * * * ** * *


Last weekend while visiting Tami, my curiosity took me on a "spy" journey around her house to see how many glasses I could find without being to nosy.

Fourteen pair in about 10 minutes.

(ps. Tami recently became the proud owner of PRESCRIPTION GLASSES. They can be found in their case......somewhere.)


my4kids said…
Wow that is a lot of dim store glasses! You would think it wouldn't be possible to lose them but since I am not very organized I know that it is very possible!
Willowtree said…
That's bordering on abnormal behaviour.
her indoors said…
ha ha, lets hope she never has false teeth then, wouldnt fancy searching for them!
Beccy said…
And I thought Mollie and her door keys were bad!
Shelby said…
you made me giggle :)
lisa's chaos said…
She sounds like someone I would like. :)
Beckie said…
Pamela, that was a good story - totally blogworthy! That is A LOT of glasses!
Gattina said…
Hahaha ! Could be me ! The only trouble is when I misplace my glasses I don't see anything and have to look for my spare glasses to find my glasses, got it ??

Tomorrow I do a reportage about my holidays at the Garda lake in Italy with a lot of pictures, if ever you are interested in.
kailani said…
That is hilarious! I can't believe how many glasses she has lying around. Thank goodness they're not that expensive. Hope she doesn't lose those prescription ones!
DesLily said…
lol.. great story!.. I don't suppose she's ever bought one of those eye glass chains so they hang around her neck huh?
Karmyn R said…
Good spy pictures....but just you wait. i suspect some sort of retribution will be occurring....a present of reading glasses or something?
Pamela said…
my4kids: Actually - she is what I would call a collector
Willotree: (: she collects certain kinds of jewelry, teddy bears, a type of Christmas figurine... that post is coming up soon BUT MY PICTURES weren't all that hot - so I might wait until my next trip.
Her Indoors: As you can surmise, she never has to look very far now
beccy: I have a key hanger right by the door. But most of the time they stay in my ignition
shelby: SHE made you giggle. She makes me giggle.
lisa's chaos: I love her dearly.
beckie: oh.. there were more. I just didn't snoop
gattina: I'd pay to see you searching for your glasses. But I'll settle for a free trip to garda Lake
Kailani: I have a lot of unfinished watercolors lying around ....and I think about all the wasted $$
Karmyn: - she'll probably just write my name and number on the mens room stall on some rest area on I-5
Hayden said…
wow - that has to be some kind of record.
BarnGoddess said…
omg, a small fortune in glasses!
mjd said…
I am a loser, meaning I tend to lose things...even important things. I lose my keys, my purse, and important documents. But, I hardly ever lose my glasses. My glasses are on my my face or on my nightstand. I always want to see so I am wearing my glasses, or I am sleeping.
Shelby said…
I have a real life video posted today.. come see! :)
Robinella said…
Ahhh a force to be reckoned with. You make me want to search Mom's house a little more. I have a picture of my sister and one of my Mom's dogs donning many of the dime store glasses we found on our hunt. I'll have to post it sometime. Funny stuff, Pamela!
Lol!! This so reminds me of my mum-she does exactly the same thing!x
Casdok said…
Guiness book of records?
M@ said…
What a frickin' nut!
M@ said…
You might be able to find 14 "roaches' in my car....
Susie said…
My husband used to keep a pair in each room and one in the car. Tami certainly has him beat! Cute story..
wendster said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
wendster said…
Amanda said…
What a nut. I'm amazed at all the jewelery!!!!
Carla said…
That is just way too funny. I would have loved to have been there.
Gattina said…
I tagged you with a (in my opinion) for once nice meme, you should show us a picture of your desktop ! I played today.
Susie Q said…
I think I would so like her and have fun with her! My kind of woman!

This was a wonderful post Pam!

Bill never knows where his keys are...that has been quite a bit of *fun* over the past 29 years. We have tried everything,key fobs that whistle,
light up, play music, can be *called* and, well, let us just say that nothing has worked. So we keep many spares here, at his office, at each member of the family's home, some of the friend's homes...*sigh*

Now, where are MY glasses...sadly, I NEED my glasses to FIND my glasses...such a predicament.


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