Awards and Me-Me's part 2

I've been remiss in thanking many of my blogging friends for honoring me on their blogs with some of the awards that have been circulating. I 'm not going to pass these on - but instead mirror them back to those who were kind enough to link me with such positive words and encouragement. They also are Nice, Creative, Rockin and I consider it a blessing to have crossed paths with them. Especially when you realize how many million bloggers are out there. How was I so lucky to have bumped into then.

Nice Matters
Give it A Try, One Day At A Time
Kailani, An Island Life

Creative Blogger AwardHer Indoors

Rockin' Blogger
SOS (Shauna)
Kailani (An Island Life)
Rabbit Run Cottage

I apologize if I missed anyone - Please feel free to send me the link where you posted and I will crawl on me hands and knees, begging for forgiveness - and then add you to my thank you list.


Debs said…
You still crack me up.
Tiggerlane said…
LOL!! Now I know why I shouldn't be teaching this semester.

Meme tags reside in the back of mind FOREVAH. Like an unfinished assignment.

Maybe they're why I wake up thinking I've missed an important exam in my nightmares.

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