Fun Monday #27, My Open Refrigerator

Amy at Family Life is hosting this weeks topic.

She asked "We saw everyone's kitchen one week (just can't remember which week). Now I want to see INSIDE your refrigerator. And DO.NOT.CLEAN.IT.OUT. We want to see it in all its glory. However empty or full. And if you don't have a refrigerator? Show me your cooler, or whatever container you use to keep things nice and cool."

Nothing to see here in our kitchen. Even though it looks like there is food, I can assure you that there isn't much: Some fruit, soy milk, and condiments I probably purchased in 1980. There is Coffee in the freezer section. I will never buy another fridge with water or ice on the door... unless the design is much improved. Move along now ------

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The following picture is inside the over flow garage refrigerator. Usually it contains beer, pop, and the hubby's bike riding essentials like HAMMER GEL. (Yum. aaaaack) However, we attended a picnic last evening so you will also see my leftover strawberries in a HUGE container and the macaroni salad that I begged off my friend Sandra.

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I might add - this Hot Spot refrigerator is over 50 years old. We saved it 20 years ago from being trashed when someone else was cleaning their garage. It is a late 40's or early 50's model. See the little freezer unit in the upper right hand corner? Yes, and that is ice building up, too.

Here's the list from Amy's refrigerator
Lil Mouse
Arkansas Songbird
The Other Bear
Happy Working Mom
Lisa's Chaos
La Bellina Mammina
Swamp Witch
Jennie Boo


Susie said…
We have two refrigerators for just the two of us. They both seem to stay filled..
willowtree said…
This is not a criticism (as I have two fridges too), but apparently the second fridge is being blamed for contributing to global warming!

True, they say that the second fridge uses much more energy than the main fridge due to the fact that it's normally the old one that has been replaced and is therefore much less efficient. But I'm not giving mine up!
Pamela said…
Susie : I'm afraid to tell the truth. Mostly mine are "cooling garbage." Thats a pamela original

WT: Yeah, I've been feeling somewhat guilty about that - I've thought about turning it off to see the effect on my meter. If I could just limit my condiments to mustard and ketchup . Then there is that Air Conditioning unit howling away out there, too.
swamp witch said…
I think we have the very same refrigerator (the first one) but yours seems to be much cleaner than mine. Wanna trade?
As far as the global warming thing that DubYaT mentioned, just leave the door open. That should cool things off.
Kelly - PTT said…
Oh my goodness, I couldn't possibly open my fridge in public. Not without a complete overhaul first. Yours looks completely lovely though. Wanna trade? (In case you didn't take up Swampwitch's offer;)))
willowtree said…
Swampy - You are one crazy witch!
theotherbear said…
What is Hammer Gel?

I do not have a second fridge. Oh how I covet a second fridge.

Your fridge is disgustingly tidy. Well done. I am more than a little envious. I want to be tidy, I really do. But I don't know what happens.
Pamela said…
swampy: why didn't I think of that. Dang, you are quick witted.

WT: She'll get you and your little doggie, too.

Kelly: No close ups. There are creatures living in there.

The Other Bear: It isn't tidy. I think I must have thrown away a bunch of stuff recently -
The rule is, if you open your fridge and something falls out, throw it away.
Pamela said…
Bear: Hammer Gel is an Energy food. It's what serious bike riders and other athletes use to keep up the pace
Gattina said…
Geez, that's an antique ! and still working, must be an amazing quality, lol ! Looks very clean, if you open mine, you risk that all kind of stuff will fall to your feet !
Amanda said…
I grew up with those fridges!! (insert gooey sentimental awwwww here)

What made the macaroni salad so good?

Ok... so how do I get in on fun mondays? (BTW MOM -- it's totally still Sunday)
swamp witch said…
PamelaJamela: Quick witted? Don't think so...Dim witted or half-witted maybe.

DubYaT: Thank you. And thank you also for using "W" instead of "B" in the spelling of that word.
mjd said…
I know what you mean about condiments from 1980. Oh, ice is forming in the freezer. I remember defrosting freezers so many years ago
Cool that your old hot spot still works!! Condimetns do grow like mold. Do think about seeing if your can turn one off for at least part of the year!
Beckie said…
The old refrigerators are the best kind! We had one in our garage when I was growing up - I really liked that fridge.
Anonymous said…
Fixing an old fridge is cheaper than buying a new one! That's cool you rescued yours from being trashed.
I forgot about our fridge in the garage, it's our old one, and I know it's an energy hog.

Thanks for showing us your lovely fridge, Pamela!
Have a Happy Monday!
Christine said…
That anon is me.
wendster said…
Wow ~ so clean and organized. Becca just scrubbed ours down a week or so ago. MAYBE I will join in and put up a photo of mine. p.s. I do not have cancer. whymommy has cancer. I edited the post and made it less confusing, I hope. Thanks for the heads up.
wendster said…
Oh yes. And I have an ancient deep freeze in my garage, and it's staying right there. Maybe all of us can get together, swampy, and open our fridges on the SAME DAY and END global warming? ha. See ... if we work TOGETHER ... that's what it takes.
judypatooote said…
I grew up with two refrigerators, but one was transformed into a beer tap....and that was down in moms basement until daddy died...then mom gave it to another beer drinker....those old ones were good we're lucky if they last 15 years... I refuse to take a picture of the inside of mine....I don't even like to look I do clean it once in a while, or should I say throw out the old unused food when I can't figure out what it was....No I'm just would have said "there are kids in China that are starving" ...but I have to tell you that I did just throw out a can of beer that said 2005 on it. It was from Christmas....hummmm I don't seem to follow in my dads footprints....
Sally Lomax said…
We have two fridges too. I think that things made fifty years ago were made to last...
ChrisB said…
Oh dear I didn't even think about the energy issue. I have a chest freezer in my garage that I didn't even mention (it's full to bursting and goodness knows what is at the bottom I haven't cleared it for a couple of years or more!!), and I hesitate to say we have a small freezer in the cellar along with 2 small larder fridges. I think it's time I reorganised!
Carla said…
Oh, I remember showing my fridge what seems like ages ago now. Yours seems much more organized than mine did at that time.
Melanie said…
Oh how I wish I had a 2nd fridge! Or at least another freezer. I am jealous!!
Jenny said…
"Hammer Gel" sounds totally kinky.
Beccy said…
Ice buils up in my current freezer and it's only 12 years old!
Jenni said…
I'm not impressed with the water/ice dispenser on our fridge either. Danny just had to have that, though. We have hard water, and we get ugly white stains on the dispenser when we don't make sure to not let the softener salt run out.
nikki said…
We have two freezer because my kids eat us out of house and home! A package of waffles gone in two days! Where does it all go?
JennieBoo said…
Nice "chill chest".

Lots of "yummies", too!

Happy Fun Monday!
BarnGoddess said…
I keep an extra little fridge also. Here is where all the beer, pop, juice, other drinks are kept.
It is handy.

They do not make appliances like they used to! cars either!
Pamela said…
Mandy: hope you join in ext week ChrisB is hosting.

Gattina: I was surprised that minke look halfway decent actually

Swampwitch: ha ha ha ha

mjd: there should be a law. condiments should self destruct like the tape from Mission Impossible

Purple Worms: In winter, I use the patio. I have a heavy box that I place on top of things on the patio table. Especially around the holidays.

Wendster In the 70;s when my eldest was very young, the scientists were predicting a small ice age. I was very worried.

Christine: We should probably have someone stand by the meter and turn it off to see how much it really is costing us each month.

patootie: NOw that is a dedicated beer drinker. A tap !!!

Sally: things used to be made in one spot. Now you have parts made here and there and everywhere so that when put together it is a mess

Chrisb. oh dear FREEZER BURN. Thats why I call it coolin' garabe sigh.

Carla: I posted mine a year ago on a lark. It was looking terrible that day. I think Elvis was in there.

Melanie: It is great for big things like 28 lb strawberry's for church picnic.

jenny: hammer gel,,, yes I've thought so too. In addition to that bikers keep their bottoms from getting chapped with Butt Chamois salve.

beccy: I throw the Ice out in the flower bed to water my plants

jenni: my squirts water, splatters ice and then everyone steps in it and makes mud pies on my floor, which will swell at the seams if it doesn't get dried.

nikki: I think you need a waffle iron. When our family comes the hubby makes the waffles and I make the blueberry compote and whipped cream.
Pamela said…
JenniBoo Chill chest -- sounds like a witches Ti..... oops

Barn Goddess
But of course they didn't use to make cell phone, ipods etc. So I think the manufacturers like making the new stuff and just let the old stuff go to heck.
Debs said…
We have a small is not plugged in "YET", but soon will be just for drinks. :)
Heather said…
That overflow fridge reminds me of the one in the log cabin where my family used to vacation. Good times, good times.
Melissa said…
I'm so glad you explained Hammer Gel - I thought it was some kind of tool lubricant! Which sounds even worse typed out! Moving on!

I don't know if you remember when I posted about unplugging our overflow fridge - my electric bill went down by 50%. That fridge was 30 years old.
susan said…
Oh the condiments! My husband keeps buying things that look "interesting" and uses them once. I can't quite bring myself to throw them away. Ugh.
Love old school refrigerators. They had so much class.

I doubt one made today would last 50 years.
angel said…
siiiiiiighhhhh i could NEVER do that!!!
Julie said…
Bummer, your pics didn't load for me.

Yikes based on what Willowtree said. Chalk me up to causing global warming - our old fridge is out in the garage cooling beer.
Tiggerlane said…
You are an awesome blogger - helping Amy out, just in case.

I am totally against water dispensers and ice makers in the door - just more stuff that can break. I've already caught some flack for not getting one for the new house - OH WELL!
kailani said…
We need a second fridge. Our first one is over flowing! Yours are so neat and tidy . . . just like I imagined it would be.
tlawwife said…
I think I would rather show my underwear drawer than my fridge. Of course it is mostly empty because the laundry is as far behind as the cleaning of the fridge. Luckily I only have one. I do have 2 freezers. That is what you do when you butcher your own meat.
theotherbear said…
Ahh. Serious bike riders and athletes. No wonder I haven't heard of it :)
lisa's chaos said…
I liked the water and ice in my door while it worked but since moving it to the garage we can no longer use. Especially when you have a bunch of kids the water in the door comes in very handy at saving the coolness inside the fridge. And if I wanted some ice I never had to worry about kids' germy hands having passed over it.

Think I'll sneak over to your place for some strawberies now. :)
Pamela said…
Lisa: but it was all over my floor, too. If it was in the garage I wouldn't mind so much

Other Bear: I just don't picture either of us guzzling hammer gel. I'd probably use it on my hari

tlawwife: You go girl... show us your underwear!!! ba-boom ba-boom

Kailani: optiocal illusion. It's a mess believe it.

Tiggerlane: My grandmother took in "worrying" for a living. I think I must carry on the tradition. I was worried that Amy might not be able to make it back.

Julie: I posted photo's using Image shack just this time

Angel: It gets easier all the time to be exposed. I'm going to post a picture tomorrow of me in my minnie mouse hat

Poet: I won't be able to hang around 50 years to find out if they last.

Susan: story of our lives.. HEY Let's try that hot sauce that is called "Rectal Rocket Fuel."

Melissa: I told the hubby we needed to buy a tiny new one and get our rebate from the power company... but I guess he's waiting for me to do it.

heather: Did it hum you to sleep?

Debs: You'll need it to entertain for when the circus comes to town
Joy T. said…
I'm late in reading Fun Monday's but I'm not missing anyone! I swear it's more interesting reading comments sometimes LOL Your fridge looks great. I hear you about the ice and water dispenser. I'm hoping by the time we need a new fridge, the design will be much different.
min said…
You throw away the stuff that falls out? In my fridge, that's the only stuff that I'm sure is still good because it hasn't gotten pushed to the back.
swamp witch said…
You have a surprise waiting for you at my place.
Whippersnapper said…
Wow. I was going to write about your fridge, but I'm too much in awe. 47 comments. That's totally amazing.
Kila said…
Hmm, those shelves in your garage fridge are exactly like the shelves in the old fridge we have in our basement.

I've never been fond of water/ice dispensers on frige doors. Just never seemed like a good idea or something I would want to mess with. And, yikes, would my boys make a mess with it! But maybe then I'd never have to wash my kitchen floor.
Pamela said…
Kila: I'd not want to haul an old fridge out of the basement. I wouldn't even want to drag myself out of the basement.

whipper: did you count how many of them were my own ???

Swampy: is it chocolate? No?

Min: The problem is fitting it back in after it jumps out.

Joy T: Yeah, like a robotic butler with a pitcher of ice water - and a self cleaning fridge. They have self cleaning ovens...why not?
Robin said…
I don't know what Hammer Gel is, but if it's for bikes I suspect my husband has it.
Karina said…
HMMM, pasta salad! I noticed that bucket right away and thought to myself "Is that pasta salad?"
Debbie said…
I'd like a second fridge in the garage for drinks, etc. It'd be good for parties, too. Not that I'd take it to parties! No, I'd store the squares or whatever in it. :)

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