Presents, Presents, Presents

I opened my mailbox Saturday to discover an envelope from Amy at A Family Story. I cheated on her 300th post and wrote comments until I was the winner of a Starbucks Gift Card. So now I'm heading down for a Strawberry Green Tea Frappuccino. Or blackberry, or blueberry. Y.U.M
Thank you!

The hubby rode his bicycle 200 miles on Saturday from Seattle to Portland, and then drove home on Sunday.

"I have a present for you from the team," he announced when he arrived home.

Don't you think it looks downright sweet on me? Apparently they ate a watermelon during one of their rest stops. The size of the fruit sticker prompted some laughter at my expense regarding the sticker story from last week. Thank you dear, and the rest of you cycling crazies.

Today, the mailman delivered a large envelope and a medium sized box from Min of the MamaDrama Bloggers down in Houston. I love saying "Down in Houston." It just rolls off my tongue in a very Texas drawl, and I feel like wrestlin' a steer.

Apparently, Min was impressed with the sticker story, too. At the last minute she inserted this prized possession into the envelope that she prepared to send the award certificate. Her advise?

Reserve one 'already passed' page in your date book to keep handy
for sticking all those annoying fruit stickers on. No matter where
you're lunching, the date book is often handier then a trash can. It's
important to keep tabs on these little guys, they have the habit of
turning up in the strangest places.

You must admit that Min's collection is far more colorful and plentiful than my one itty bitty washed out Nectarine sticker.

But wait, there is more! I was, after all, the 20,000th commenter on their blog. And for those of you who wonder; Yes, I commented perpetually, as I did in Amy's Starbucks contest just so I could be a winner.

D'Y'all got it? Dad blame it, dad gum it, dag nabit, I won it.

I removed the mailing wrap from the first box. In it I found bubble wrap around this 2nd box. I opened it to discover a teeny box surrounded by crimson satin.

And, in the teeny box was something that, should I upload the photo, I would no longer be able to retain my G-Rated blog status.

So, here is the deal. If you want to know what the Mama Drama team bestowed, I invite you to E-mail pamela the dust at yahoo dot com. I will reply with a picture attachment.

Thank you Min! Thank you Jenny, Kate, Heather and Stephanie. And, Dick Chainy, too.


~JJ! said…
I love those gifts...I can't even tell you which is my all time fave!!!

Wear that sticker well and that sticker date book page..excellent!

I want to see what's in the box!!!!
Amy W said…
You are welcome!!
swamp witch said…
You can start your own sticker store. Unless, that is, you decide to eat them. Hopefully, they are the scratch and sniff kind.
swamp witch said…
Ok, Ok, it's Donna Reed. I wrote that first, then changed it. Couldn't remember which of those perfect house wives it was...BTW, I have updated and corrected that post. You must go read again.
min said…
Nicely handled! You get to keep your G-rating! I could go for the tea myself!
mjd said…
Congratulations, on the various awards and gifts. Word of your Sticker Encounter of the Second Kind is traveling throughout the blogging world. I have seen the event mentioned on a few other blogs.
Gattina said…
Are you sure you don't celebrate Christmas ? All these gifts you got, lol ! And how do you manage to always comment on a round nr ? Look in my sidebar maybe you can make it for 20.000 ! But then I have to think about a gift.
Debs said…
I sent you an email. :) Love the sticker page. Too funny.
Susie said…
I've told your sticker story to a few friends who are the age for that particular test! I love how you're getting all these cute reminders of that great post!!
Good for you, keeping your "G" rating but I want to know what's in the box!!

Amanda said…
Email me a picture of what's in the box Ma!
Marti said…
I'll just use my imagination.... (Oh my gawd! Wow! LOL)

Robin said…
Hmmm, you sound like a princess to me...:)
Shauna said…
What an imagination to send you the stickers! ! ! :)

You will definately be getting email from me - got my curiosity up.
Debs said…
PEA said…
Hello dear Pamela:-) I'm back from my trip and catching up with everyone! Now that's what I call very thoughtful gifts that you received!! LOL Oh dear, you will never live down that sticker story, will you!! hehe Love it!! xox
Beccy said…
Lucky you recieving not one but two prizes...but then you did take liberties!!!
Christine said…
Congrats on your prizes and stickers! :)

Now I'm off to read the sticker story, because I'm so curious.

Enjoy the Starbucks! :)
Kila said…
Congratualtions on your win!

Mmmm, I do like Green Tea Frappuccinos! I was thinking about one earlier today while at work.
kailani said…
I want to see!!!!!

Boy, this has been a great week for you! However, try not to eat that sticker! LOL!
Susie Q said…
Cool!! Sassy Sticker Siren...that is you dear Pamela.

Now, I so want to know what is in that box!!! My mind is so NOT G rated...: )

Ooh...congrats on the awards and to your husband for riding 200 miles!!!

ablondeblogger said…
Ooooh I want to know what the secret gift is!!! And I wish I'd known about the Starbucks giveaway because I practically live there!
Peter said…
Hi Pamela, show and tell please.
re your comments, all the "oldies" gear that was advertised was for the rebroadcast audience, the originals were better/worse depends on your point of view, to help with the unfamiliar words in the sheep poem heres a list.
cocky = farmer
ute = utility/pickup truck
paddocks = fields
wethers = castrated male sheep
carked = died
stupid sod = dumb animal
singlet = sleeveless undershirt
jocks = underpants
Bomdi tram = light rail vehicle to Bondi Beach, Sydney
stuffed = buggered (in this instance)
stock rep = sales rep for local agricultural firm
I posted an update!!!
her indoors said…
happy christmas!! you know you going to be sending one hell of a lot of e mails!
Tiggerlane said…
I have an elephant on my sink who hosts tomato and fruit stickers...but now I have to email you PRONTO!
Beckie said…
That was a bountiful mail call for you! I guess I have to be a bit more persistent with those comment contests.
So much congratulations to give in one little comment! Whenever I win something, it's a concert ticket to a show I can't go to.

And I love Starbucks light Strawberries and Creme. Never tried the green tea twist... looks yummy.
her indoors said…
well you know what i am going to be on the look ou for now dont you! will always think off you when i see them now! lol
BarnGoddess said…
starbucks ROCKS. too bad the nearest one for me is an hour and a half away.....:(

Im still laughing about the sticker thing :)
wolfbaby said…
ok now i must email you cause i just gotta know

dude you sure do win a lot of contest ya know?

ChrisB said…
I know beccy emailed you about 'the box' but as she goes home tomorrow and she didn't get a picture when you replied please will you copy me in!
ChrisB said…
Forgot that I meant to say congratulations to your hubby on that ride.
Melissa said…
Congratulations to your hubby! You have acquired quite a "sticky" reputation! :)

I MUST know what's in the box! Between Karmyn's empty honey bear and my wild squirrel, I'm completely at a loss as to what it might be....
kate said…
ummm... you are welcome?!?!? lol

Not sure about the green tea drink... looks kinda... ummmm GREEN!

Lol with that sticker story and the awards!
Melissa said…
Oh. Pamela. I almost shot Diet Coke across my keys at that picture. Min is awesome!
my4kids said…
That is too funny about you getting all those stickers after the story last'll never live that one down you know.

I love getting starbucks cards..mmmm.

So did the gift come from Min at mama blogger because if it did I bet I know what it is but I won't say it!
Whippersnapper said…
The trick is to tell us what the R-rated item is in PIG-LATIN!! Although I have my guesses. Is it an ondom-cay? With, uh, avours-flay?

(And, more importantly, do I get a prize if I guess right??!)
Bibi said…
I'm thinking it's going to be a long while before you live down the sticker incident! lol.
Mert said…
The second I saw the picture of the sticker on your shirt I started to chuckle. I think you will never live that one down. :)

Congratulations on your winnings! You have piqued my interests for sure on the not G rated one.
Kelly - PTT said…
You crack me up. You are very deserving of any commenting award;)))

Karmyn R said…
send me the picture of what was in the box.

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