Moaning Myrtle

That lovely musician in Arkansas (Quarter Notes) tripped me, sat on me, forced cod-liver oil down my throat, and then threatened to make me guess her weight if I didn't accept her meme tag.

The only redeeming factor was that she gave me a license to rant. (As in that old Arkansas story about Goldilocks and the three bears: "She rant all the way home." )

Speaking of Arkansas - My sister moved to Hot Springs while her children were small.

Seven-year old Matthew walked down the lane while the movers were unloading the truck. He came upon an old gentleman repairing a barbed-wire fence and proceeded to stand quietly and watch him.

The fellow straightened up for a moment and wiped his brow with an old blue hanky. He looked at his nosy little new neighbor and decided to make conversation.

"Hey son, what ya reckon?"

Poor little Matt. He was quite stunned by this question.

"Mister," was his shaky voiced reply, "I just got here, I haven't been wrecking anything!"
* * * * * *
Now back to the Meme. I'm going to just say the first things that come to my fingers. They often think faster than my brain when I am typing at 80 wpm. (I drive fast, too.)

Four things that should go into Room 101 and be removed from the face of the earth.
(What is Room 101?)

Cystic Fibrosis

Three things people do that make you want to shake them violently

Forget to give me pertinent information.
Pass me on the freeway then immediately pull in front of me and slow down.
Let their kids run wild in the grocery store, while yelling at them at the top of their lungs.

Two things you find yourself moaning about

The hitch in my get-along when I've sat in one position too long.
The dent in my wallet when I fill my gas tank.

One thing the above answers tell about yourself

I should walk more, drive slower and less often.

Hey..If you decide to Rant away with Goldilocks, send me an invite!

update: according to Wikpedia - Room 101

from a a BBC comedy radio and tv series, in which celebrities are invited to discuss their pet hates with the host in order to have them consigned to the eponymous chamber
or -
the location in George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four within which, for each person, is the worst fear they can imagine. Appropriately, this is supposedly named after a conference room at BBC Broadcasting House where Orwell used to sit through tedious meetings


Amanda said…
The hitch in your get-along?
Something only MY MOTHER would say.
Love the story about Matt. :) Kinda reminds me of the time with Dad shook Brad from down the street to "shake the change from his pockets" and Brat replied, "But I don't have any pockets!!"

Fun post, Mom. I hate the kids in the grocery store running rampant too. Whats worse is when they have snotty noses and they are running rampant. That drives me nuts. Just wipe your kids' damn noses!!!
wendster said…
Hi Pamela! Just got caught up on your blog. My internet was down all week. Loved the friendship story about Pat and Anne. Well written. Loved the photos of the kids on the river. Did you think up the puns for the headlines? Funny! Your man raced all day long on a bicycle? Wow! He's still got it goin ON! Go Pamela!!! And could someone please tell me what a MEME is? stands for? And look away, please, when you see my 3 yr old son STANDING in the grocery cart. I know he's doing it. I'm waiting for him to learn the hard way... none of my children seem to think I know what I'm talking about no matter their age or the advice. ha. My hubby either. "It's a WEEK old, throw it out." "It doesn't smell bad ... I'm eating it." When hard times come he'll be able to eat out of the bin. I'll get food poisoning.
willowtree said…
Geez Louise! only you could make this meme sound positive!

What's the point of having a licence to rant if you won't take the old vitriol out for a spin?
Beccy said…
Great answers although I'm a bit confused by the hitch in your get-along.
Jeanette said…
Hi Pamela. Agree whole heartly with room 101.with 4 members of my family including myself dianosed with different cancers. HUGS
Debs said…
Pamela Love your answers. :)
coffeypot said…
I understand the hitch in your get-along. My get up and go has got up and went, too.
Pamela said…
Amanda: I remember the giggles over the shake down. He was a cute little kid

Wendster: So easy for me to be an that all my kids are grown. Yes, I do think up my own puns for the "Todays Headlines." Unfortunately, sometimes I'm the only that 'gets' it and laughs

Willowtree: I get 'positively' livid about those things. Doesn't that count?

Beccy: Give yourself 30 plus years and some aches and pains. You just don't get along like you used to.

Jeanette: It is a curse in some families - mine included. We pray for a cure, and more cures are discovered each day.

Debs: Thanks, I was just "clowning" around ☺

Coffeypot: Do you ever stretch out far enough to grab a little back?
Pamela said…
noun. A meme is considered to be a discrete idea that replicates itself, with the connotation that memes replicate themselves and are propagated by people through social and technological networks, much like both real and computer viruses
BarnGoddess said…
Like Matthew, when I transplanted down here to Oklahoma, I had a tiny bit of trouble understanding the lingo too! That was a cute story.

what is room 101? I do not know either.
swamp witch said…
Hitch in your get-along ! Love it. Isn't it amazing how one little phrase catches the attention of so many readers?
Now, if I can only get up and out of this chair...
Susie said…
That must be a southern expression, because my KY grandparents would say it from time to time...
Interesting meme, I've seen a few variations on this one making the rounds..
her indoors said…
good answers all round but great answers to room 101.
'the hitch in my get-along'! have i got that to look forward to then!
Debs said…
*LOL* Pamela you so crack me up with the "clowning" around. :P

YOU don't scare me. But Bozo...that a different story.
Great job, Pamela!! I've got a little hitch in my get along, too, come to think of it.
ChrisB said…
I seem to remember Room101 TV series was quite popular. I enjoyed you off the cuff answers :)
mjd said…
I love your title. WT chastised me on my rant as well. He said that you and I should form a convent. Since we are two mean babes, maybe he meant to say coven. It could be a coven for those with hitches in their get-along ;)
Beckie said…
Doesn't everyone know about the hitch in your get along - I get them all the time!!

You picked great room 101 things.
Karmyn R said…
I'm working on my own. Just took a nap after Net and the kids left.
Melissa said…
My mil says "hitch in your giddy up"! Ha!
angel said…
cool- i'll play!
1.1 rudeness & bad manners
1.2 selfishness
1.3 hiv
1.4 unemployment

2.1 drive like south africans
2.2 abuse children
2.3 criticise my parenting

3.1 people who drive like south africans
3.2 my siblings, as much as i love them...

4 clearly i am waaaaaaaaaay too critical!

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