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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sharing The Digs

In the summertime the air is filled with Bank Swallows that have burrowed nests into the walls of an old gravel pit near the river.  I've always thought that winter would be so lonely there.

I thought wrong.  This year the cavities are the winter homes of Gray-crowned Rosy Finch.

At dusk they all gather to fight over the holes ...

and find refuge and shelter in the condominium that the swallows left behind for the warmer climes.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Migration - Spring 2015

What kind of birds are landing in our neighbors tree?

Could it really be....
Turkey Vultures
Their arrival time in the valley is March 16 through 31.
  Although they generally just fly over on their way to somewhere else.
They are an uncommon valley resident, that is for sure!
I think they are resting from a trying migrant journey.

A neighbor's dog, watching me wistfully through a double window pane.
No barking.  Just that sweet yearning face.
A little more black would make him yin and yang.

It's been forever since I visited my blog.  Hi there.

Monday, June 09, 2014

Fun Monday Fur Babies

This is the furbaby that rolled in the dust until she was brown instead of black and white.
************Then cleaned it all off on my bed.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Out My Front Door - Fun Monday

It is spring!  Although the morning is overcast and somewhat cool, the growing grass, blossoming flowers, and emerging leaves confirm the season.  They declare their purpose no matter how the rest of us feel.

The bird feeders are right next to the lamp.  The water feature that is in the little entry way is a major bird attraction.  We heat it during the frozen winter days - for our thirsty winged friends.

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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Continuing Conversations With Grands

A few weeks ago 6+ year old Dinkum came home from school and handed me this photo.

"I drew space for you grandma!"

Grandma:  Can you tell me what everything is?
Dinkum:  It's the planets.
The one that is frowning is Pluto.  He's mad because he's the smallest!


Some recent 4+ year old Mizelle conversations:

One day I walked out to the garage by myself and picked up a sack which fell apart.  Two Butternut squash fell to  the floor which startled me.  I think I yelled "OH NO." 
When I got back into the house  Mizelle was looking at the door.
Mizelle: Gwamma... who did you say 'hi' to?
Gwamma: No one. I was talking to myself.
Mizelle: Can I say hello?


Mizelle: Gwamma.... Gwamma... sumptins wong with my foot." 
Gwamma: Does it hurt?
Mizelle: NO... it won't let me put my sock on!


I had to run some errands and I had my "list" in the front seat. When Mizelle and I hopped out of the car the wind was blowing and I quickly nabbed my list before it blew away. 
Mizelle: Can I read that? (she doesn't read)
Gwamma: No... this is my list and I'm hanging on to it.
Mizelle: Can I carry it?
Gwamma: Not today. I don't want to lose it.
Mizelle: Gwamma. I'm NOT a loser.


Mizelle: Gwamma, have you ever seen a midget.
Gwamma: A few
Mizelle: Where ?
Gwamma: I saw one when I was a teenager.
Mizelle: I saw you when you were a teenager.
Gwamma sighs: Uh....  you weren't born yet.
Mizelle: I saw you... cuz I peaked. Hey.... look at the moon, it is little, too.
Gwamma:  Oh yea... it looks little but it really isn't.
Mizelle: It has smoke on it.
Gwamma:  That is a misty cloud.
Mizelle: It's a broken cloud......... I think a midget broke it.


A chilly afternoon we went to the park and took two of the neighbor children.  Mizelle and Brookie spent most of the time there on this swing.  After a while the boys joined them.  I pulled out my cell phone to take this quick snap.

Things were getting quite rowdy when 6+ year old Brookie  (with the faux fur collar and knit cap) called out:

If you are gonna throw up, turn your face the other way.