Three of the Contessa's Nine Lives

Morning. She surveys her Kingdom.

Afternoon. Her Royal Nap.

Midnight. The Catristocracy is unpopular with the working class.


The midnight picture is positively freaky!!!
swamp witch said…
Pretty Cat that Contessa Is !
ChrisB said…
Although I'm more a dog person the Contessa does look rather sweet in these photos well the first 2 anyway!!
willowtree said…
I've got a hard drive full of photos just like those. Except for one thing, Conti is beautiful where as the best I could say about mine is that they aren't ugly. Don't get me wrong I love my kitties, but none of them comes close to Contessa's beauty.
Debs said…
She is just beautiful. I like the last one :D
Susie said…
She's such a beauty. Those Halloween eyes are a bit eerie!!
Christine said…
Contessa is a true beauty! Our white cat, he's half siamese, with the cross eyes when he stares at us. Kinda freaks me out, when he looks at me!

Beautiful photos!
wolfbaby said…
ohh she is pretty!!
Tammy said…
I'm a dog person, too...but lately not so much with the way ours is behaving. Your Contessa is looking way more amiable...and she's so beautiful!
Pamela said…
songbird: she freaks out very easy.
swampwitch: I'm not allergic and even her fuzzies make ME sneeze
chrisb: she is sweet - when her highness decides to be
WT: she didn't look so pretty at the animal shelter. I think she was bedraggled, skinny and in pain. Now she's quite uppity.
debs: yes, she's the midnight marauder and I was waitin' for her this time.
Susie: in reality they are very blue
Crhistine: when they look at you cross eyed they are trying to decide which one of you to scratch
wolfbaby: The Contessa tilted her nose. I think she was accepting the compliment
Tammy: I love dogs. I miss having one. The Contessa went woof once.
Masago: she's staying cool -- isn't even interested in going out in the heat. me neither.
Gattina said…
Contessa is not a contessa she is more a princess ! You should change her name, lol !
Jeanette said…
Hi Pamela Contessa is just like my daughters Rosie Jane Beautifull.I think she in my November post as a kitten.
~JJ! said…
I love cats!
Not so much a dog girl.
I have a dopey dog.
I miss my putty.
Amanda said…
I love Tessy. She is so pretty. I wish she was more snuggly. But then again, I'd be too doped up on Antihistimines to enjoy her company if she were!!
her indoors said…
she is a beauty, could have done with a warning on that last photo, going to have nightmares now lol
Beccy said…
Wow, what a beauty...but those eyes in the last photo...scary.
PEA said…
I want to be a cat in my next life!!! Then I can nap whenever I want! lol Contessa is such a beautiful kitty! xox
kailani said…
She is definitely royalty.
angel said…
SUCH a cool post!!! she's gawjiss!!!

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