Sunday, and another hectic week ahead.

UPDATE: Thank you guys.... for letting me know I'm not the only bleach basket case and lid looser. (And today it was 75 degrees and raining! I hope I didn't spill something on winter, too!)

The week has just begun and already is pushing the limits of my endurance.

I placed a basket of my work clothes beside the wash machine and selected the correct cycle. When I reached for the detergent I knocked over a small jug of bleach which promptly rolled out of the cupboard and into my basket and released the lid. In spite of the speed in which I dumped my clothes into the huge garage sink, I was no match for the orange and yellow speckles that began appearing on my favorite slacks and shirt. Not to mention the other clothes that shared the same fate.

Earlier, a plastic jug of ammonia managed to spring a leak in our utility closet. The fluid ran down the wall to the floor and all over the vacuum cleaner. I don't think anything was ruined except my mood.

After both of these events I returned to the utility closet and discovered the lid completely off of a bottle of 409 cleaner.

This was too much, so I grabbed my camera and went outside to cool off. We had one night last week that had a forecast of 17 degrees Fahrenheit. The bird baths were frozen and most of the plants and shrubs responded to the extreme cold.

Yesterday and today, however, the weather has moderated into the low 60's. The concern I have is that plants that have gone dormant will think it is spring and try to awaken. It happens and it usually means replacement costs when spring finally does arrive. This is new growth on our star magnolia. It is normally our first spring bloomer.

This little bee shocked me.
He's enjoying the concentrated sweetness of some concord grapes
that were left on our little corner arbor. (Where did he stay warm when it was 17 degrees?)

In spite of the radical weather swings, the white birch continues to have green and yellow, but I picked up a lot of small branches when I mowed the front yard. Sometimes I can be helpful in the yard, and other times I mysteriously disappear when the rake appears.

This is all that is left of the 100 year old maple tree that is across the fence on the east side. There was a raccoon that made it's home in a hole up in the higher branches. Sometimes I would see it lounging up there. It had a sniff but no scratch relationship with the cat across the way. I hope it finds another tree to raise it's young next year. The tree with the owl hole isn't coming down this year. Magpies chased the owls away and I saw Starlings nesting in their place.
Here's the only hummingbird that doesn't fly away. Of course it is attached to a bird bath that Amanda gave me last year for Christmas. That raccoon tipped it over quite a few times. Once the Pond was completed the birdbath wasn't bothered so much.

The Pond has been winterized. The water lily's and other plants were sunk to the deepest spot and the floaters removed. We put two floaters in our aquarium just to see if they would survive as seed for next spring. We're not sure about the goldfish. We think the racoon ate most of them. If there are any left down there they are hiding. Apparently they hibernate or become dormant.

The hubby bought a net to cover until the leaf fall has ended. The trick is shaking the net before they start disintegrating. That water is cold and I won't be the one stripping down and shoveling out the goop. Aye yi yi! Brrr.

The calendar has something written on it every evening this week. Blogging may be splotchy, like the pile of clothes in my bleach splattered basket. Sigh.


Janet C. said…
Everytime I even look at the bleach bottle I manage to ruin a article of clothing usually what I'm wearing. I feel your pain. Have a better week.
Jenny said…
You may have ruined some clothes but the pictures you got in reurn are gorgeous.

What's a few spots to a creative genius?
Sue said…
That bleach incident sounds frustrating to say the least!
We haven't winterized our pond yet, but we do have noctural visits from Racoons. Usually you can see the scales from the fish if they get any!
Jeanette said…
Oh that rotten bleach Iwear an apron if im using bleach and keep all coloured clothes out of harms way.
Claudia said…
man!! Why is it always the good or favorite clothes that get ruined by bleach?? I hate that. I've had several clothes that got mysterious bleach spots on them. I barely even use bleach anymore...and the bottle I do have sits on the floor. But you can go shopping!
AJ said…
I enjoyed your outdoor photos..nice to know I'm not the only one freezing to death here! Its a shame I totally forgot to take pictures of the changing leaves in Kentucky. Would have made for a great photo! Have a great week!!
Heather said…
Those bleach and cleaner episodes totally sound like something that would happen in my home. I'm absent-minded, and my husband is even more so, so we seem to end up with spills like that all the time.
Jenn said…
Pam, I'm so sorry about the bleach accident. That totally sucks!

Something that I would totally do though. I am so clumsy with things like that!
Amanda said…
Maybe you could start a new trend at the bank: bleach splattered work attire. I know it worked for the punk rockers. :)

Nice pix, as usual. I hope you and dad are well. Love you
Susan in va said…
Ohhhhh! (*cringe!*) How awful! This reminded me of the time that I was spring cleaning on the first floor of my house while Funny Girl was coloring the second floor of the house with a blue Sharpie. (*sigh*)
I hope this week will be better for you!

Beautiful pictures, btw. I almost forgot about the bleach accident by the time I got to the last paragraph of your post!
Karmyn R said…
Yes, I have a love/hate relationship with my bleach bottle.

Hey - when I was up North - I was surprised at how green all the trees still were. In Federal Way, TONS of the trees hadn't even started turning yet. I was shocked.

ALSO - while visiting, a little female hummingbird arrived to get some nectar. I was told it was the last to leave, first to arrive.
Vicki said…
other times I mysteriously disappear when the rake appears.
Me too!!
kailani said…
Looks like winter will be here in no time. I really enjoy looking at your photos since I don't get a chance to really experience the seasons here. Well, except for summer but that's pretty much year round!
Bibi said…
The beginning of your post sounds like a day I had last week. I hadn't realized how I never screw lids on properly until I opened the fridge door, the shelf came undone, and olive oil mixed with dressing with olives with pickles ... and I didn't have the sense to step away and take photos!
Kathleen Marie said… sorry about your clothes! I remember years ago drying some whites and one of the kids had put crayons in the dryer. I cried for two days!

It has been really cold here but the last two days have been in teh 50's adn 60's. It does confuse the trees I think. Your photos are excellent! What a beautiful place you live in.

Yvonne said…
Arrrrggghhhh! Bleach!!! The miracle worker, yet the demon all at the same time!!!!
kate said…
ohhh I am cold just looking at those photos!! lol

I have the bleach issue too... I have to be in junk close or I ruin them... I even ruined a rug once by bleaching the shower... I stepped in the bleach then onto the rug.......... grrrrrrrr

The moral/// hire help! hehehe
Pamela said…
Thank you guys.... for letting me know I'm not the only bleach basket case and lid looser.

(And today it was 75 degrees and raining! I hope I didn't spill something on winter, too!)
Malissa said…
arrrgh! Huh! I hate bleach troubles!
Anonymous said…
Pamela, you are not alone. Ask my favorite alma-mater t-shirt. Also? If you could tell me why I wind up wearing something I like when I start painting only to realize I'm wearing it once it's speckled with paint? I would be most grateful.

Your pictures are absolutely beautiful.
Robin said…
Sounds like you were going for a Murphey's Law record or something...geez, Pamela. Third times a charm, my behind :/.

I think at times such as that, you must say..."the dust (or cleaning) will wait...".

Feelin' your pain, lovin' your pics.

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