Unique Jewelry

Marnie showed Melissa her cute necklace from Disneyland.

Heather showed Melissa her Arizona turquoise and her under the car seat ring.

Karmyn showed us her brand new wedding ring awhile back which replaced the one she lost at the airport in Provo, Utah.

A friend made this unique necklace for me out of a silver coin about 32 years ago.
He died soon after in a motorcyle accident, which made the gift more precious.

Last month I also displayed the cool Hummingbird pin from my brother and his wife.

I'm tagging anyone who wants to show Melissa their jewelry.

(No WT, not the family jewels.)


Claudia said…
Pamela, you beat him to the punch!! that was too funny.
Jenny said…
That's beautiful!
Heather said…
Lovely. It took me a while to realize it was your name - I'm a little slow sometimes.
BarnGoddess said…
oh wow!

nice necklace. very unique.

very special too....that is the best kind of jewelry.
kailani said…
I didn't even notice it was your name until I read Heather's comment. Duh! It's so beautiful!
Jenn said…
I love it, so original and unique. Totally irreplacable. so don't loose it!
Melissa said…
I totally encourage tagging that doesn't involve me having to do anything!

That is really pretty Pamela! And I thank you profusely for warning WT in advance. :)
Amanda said…
Who made it, mom?
Karmyn R said…
I never see you wear it. Was it from Jack?
Yvonne said…
That is really a beautiful and unique necklace! Cherish that one for sure!
Pamela said…
Heather & Kaailani Yup...it's my name. Most people think it's a spider.
I do wear it Amanda. To work at least once a month. You are correct Karmyn...

Melissa I'm way behind on any tags I've been given. Lost in the shuffle.

WT. Your response was so D'oh!

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