Oh...that's a No No. I don't know where your Paws have been.

Well, actually we do.


Vicki said…
"Talk to the Paw cause the Cat aint listen'en"

We have a cat in our house. First time for an indoor cat. He's adorable but if I leave my bedroom door open he sits at my head all night long purring in my face. If I shut the door he sits outside and whines all night. ARghagah!
Jodi said…
I think the cat was just checking to see what he would look like with a goatee! Not bad, in my opinion!
Robin said…
Who's petting who?? :)
Claudia said…
Oooh, La Contessa! I know i've said it before but I'll say it again....she's so beautiful!!!
Heather said…
I like Vicki's comment. I think the cat saw the lips coming in for a smooch on the head. Uh, that's a no-no cuz I don't know where those lips have been.
swampy said…
...going for that caterpillar with paws that have been Where? ...great pic...Achoo !
BarnGoddess said…
LOL, I enjoyed this picture, lovely kitty too

dont let Rosie see this!
Sunrunner said…
Your cat is adorable, and you can see by the look on her face that's she's a total princess!
Jenn said…
Pam, I'm just catching up after the holiday so I'm leaving one big fat comment.

I loved the story about your aunt fern, how nice to spend that time with her. Also the story from your dad was great. I love the history.

I've also missed kailani, I'm worried about her. Going to try and e-mail.

Love the cat picture and the snow day looked fun, even if it was freezing cold.

Take care!
Kathleen said…
Awwwww...that is so sweet!
Susan in va said…
Too cute!

And your comment on WTs site - KNEESLES - FUNNY!!!!
Debs said…
I love your cat. :)
Willowtree said…
Were you smoking that shirt when you left the kneesles comment?
Hmmmmm, fresh out of the litter box. Our cat's name is Mr. Gus and he is so spoiled that I envy him. I guess after 16 years of living with us he has a right to be spoiled. Enjoy your blog and glad I found it.
Pamela said…
AHA... Barngoddess. You were the one that captured the Kelly and Rosie connection. Ha Ha Ha. I wondered if anyone would. I almost entitled it felinophobia.

Willowtree. I knew you would check out the shirt. Maui Gold... we didn't even realize it when we bought it at the airport

Welcome Ramblin Irishman!!!
Debs: I love my cat too
and I love the furry one also!!!!

Vicki: Paw loves Pa!
Jodi: Don't they call it a patch now?
Robin: This is the "I don't like cats" man. Tessy just loves him
Sunrunner: Contessa... close to a princess
Jenn: I've been posting like a maniac - one a day like a vitamin
Kathleen - You need to read my previous posts about her. We think she may have been abused
Susan. I do my best to tell it like it is (:
Masago Please Haiku my cat!!!
marnie said…
Oh how I miss having a kitty to snuggle. The 85 lb dog is snuggly... but he's awful heavy.
Pamela said…
Oh Swampy -- missed your comment. I would say that was true- but I dont' have a caterpillar on my lip and she likes to paw my face, too

Your are right Marnie, there is something snuggly about a cat but this one snuggles at her whims and not at ours.
I miss my dog!
Amanda said…
My comment didn't post.... Rats.
Anyway, just said I wish that cat would cuddle up to me like that when I come to visit. Then again, I don't pass out in 2.5 like dad does. He probably moves around less than me. LOL
Jenny said…
I'm pretty sure that cat is gay.

Alert Rosie.
AJ said…
Looks like somebody wanted to let Daddy know who was in charge of the house! She's a dollbaby...!
Rhea said…
My dog does that to me.
Masago said…
dad finds
a moment to snooze...
cat cushion
Masago said…

dad snoozes
on the couch...the cat
finds a cushion


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