The Day Ended Snow Well, Michele

A BIG THANK YOU to Michele for solving my sizing problem with my banner. She says she uses ArcSoft PhotoStudio.

So while she did my work for me I got to go out and play.

My friend Vee and her daughter K took me up into the foothills of the Blue's for an afternoon snowball fight. We left Bud and the hubby to do chores. K took her friend -Little Yellowboots.

The wind was blowing like ice-picks and I was so c-c-c-c-cold that I thought about recent posts
by D, Silent Tunes of Grey who said it was too cold to breathe and Nan, Writer Mom, who was waxing poetically about frozen boogers.

Yellow boots made a very impressive snow angel.

K was shaking so badly she could hardly hold on to her snowball.
But she got in a couple of accurate strikes.

No Snow Outing is complete without the obligatory snowman.

On the drive back down we got to see these wild turkeys along Blue Creek. It's windy and rainy here, too. And the hubby said
we were supposed to get snow showers tonight.
K and Yellowboots are going to be happy about that.

When we dropped Yellowboots off at her house we were delighted at the seasons decorations that her two older sisters and mom were completing at her house. Just look at this cute antique stove all covered with holiday delights.

I think I'll create the 12 days of Christmas in the dust on my piano.


Bibi said…
I can't wait to get out in the sno and play! Lucky you!!
Bibi said…
Snow with a W ... I do know how to spell snow LOL
Willowtree said…
Hey, I use ArcSoft Photo Studio too, I think its great. We're having a heat wave here.
Pass the Torch said…
I think it's so cool that you can DO STUFF with bloggers IRL.

I'm not sure anyone within twenty miles of me even knows what a blog is.

Fun photos!
BarnGoddess said…
How FUN!!! It might snow/ice in Okla then end of this week.

I also think it is neat that you do stuff IRL with other bloggers. Like pass the torch, I dont think anyone within 20 mi of my home knows what a blog is!!

Back in '96 when I bought my first Gateway PC, you'd have thought I had bought a goose that laid goldenn eggs!!!!! the way people acted-crazy!

I LOVE the name "Yellow boots!"
Julie said…
Snow? What is that? Is it anything like rain? I kind of remember what that is. :) Barngoddess already stated that we are supposed to have snow later this week. It is crazy. We are supposed to have rain today and a high of 65. Tomorrow's high - 72, Wednesday (rain) - 48, Thursday (snow) - 28 and Friday (sunny) - 37. Crazy weather here in Oklahoma. I know you really wanted a weather report. HA! Sorry!

Back to snowballs. When I was a kid we would hide in the trees and wait for our neighbor to come home. As soon as he got out of his truck we would start bombing him with snowballs. He was such a great sport, he would just catch them and throw them back at us! HA!
Karmyn R said…
Well, we had snow this morning and now at noon it is all gone, except for some on the roofs. bummer -

BUT - I have two hungry hummingbirds showing up - so I've kept the feeders full.
Local Girl said…
Look at all that snow! It's still in the mid 80s here! What I wouldn't give to make a snow angle right now!
kate said…
love love love the photo of the snow angel!
Masago said…
That sounds it was major fun.
Robin said…
"wind was blowing like ice picks"

GREAT imagery!

You gotta take a pic of the "12 Days" when you complete THAT work of art ;).
Pam said…
Love the old stove...*sigh*.
Anonymous said…
snow ball fight. i'm in. icy ivy

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