The Christmas Tree that is headed to Washington D.C. stopped for an hour visit one block from my work place. I could see it through the window. The town had a festive little greeting and local kids brought their home-made ornaments to send along the way. The mayor gave a muffled speech, but I couldn't stop and listen because I only ran over to take a picture and a peak.

When I peered into the back of the semi, the tree was wrapped up pretty tight for its trip and you could only see the very tip of the evergreen branches.

It might be passing through your town or city. Wave!!

Capitol Christmas Tree Arriving from Washington State

A 65-foot Pacific silver fir cut from the Olympic National Forest will serve as the U.S. Capitol Christmas tree.

The tree, which was cut down Wednesday, will be
taken on a festive road tour in Washington State before traveling to D.C.

It will be decorated with more than 3,000 ornaments made by students in Washington State, and will have 10,000 lights.

The tree will be lighted on December sixth by House Speaker Dennis Hastert on the west lawn of Capitol Hill, facing the Washington Monument.


Anonymous said…
There was pictures of it in the town of Toppenish. Hope that it is a very nice tree!
Karmyn R said…
TOO COOL!!!!!! It seems a bit early to me, I hope the tree survives the trip
Claudia said…
ok, that just makes me sad for the tree. A 65 foot tree? how old is that? just to be cut down for 1 season...sniff..sniff...
Yvonne said…
Interestingly enough - Dennis Hastert is from my County. My 2nd son's former Sophmore year English teacher left her teaching position to work for him in Washington. How's that for a small world??
swampwitch said…
I'm with Claudia, I don't like to see trees like that cut down...but I know it adds to the festivities and 1,000's with have the opportunity to enjoy it...for a few weeks. What do they do with it after Christmas?
michael said…
There are more trees growing in the state of washinton than in any time of its history.. i pull little tree out of my flower beds and lawn all the time. Six new trees will be grow soon where it was cut down. The are like dandelions--it does sem early for a tree. wonder how they water it--Mike--proud to be bald
Masago said…
...still it seems a little sad to me.

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