It's For The Birds ! is a website that gives origins and meaning of expressions or words that have been used in our everyday speech. There are new phrases that enter the social intercourse as events and famous personalities influence the language. A very old phrase, For the Birds (also strictly for the birds) - means useless, unreliable, unacceptable or trivial. It implies that something is only for weaker, unintelligent or lesser people. Credit for that description is given to Kirkpatrick and Schwarz Dictionary of Idioms.

Decharne's Dictionary of Hipster Slang references the Hank Janson novel, Chicago Chick 1962.
"'It's crazy man,' I told him, ' real crazy. Strictly for the birds.'"

I've been having blogger problems. I know a lot of it is my lack of experience and know how. I'm sure my brain is bigger than an ostrich eye, which is how big an Ostrich brain is said to be.

Right now I just think Blogger is Strictly for the birds. Yes - my feathers are ruffled right now.

On another note, the other day Willowtree mentioned disappearing bloggers. Now I've lost Kailani and The Pink Diary. Just gone. It's an odd feeling - worry and wondering about someone you have never met. I didn't realize how attached we get. If you are out there Kailani..... good bye.... I miss you.

(And one more day down for November and my unofficial particpation in NoBloPoMo. )


kate said…
another sight to waste hours and hours surfing! My Mom would have loved that... I think she knew the origins to just about everything!

Did you switch to Beta? I had some delay in being able to navigate around when I did. Stick with it!! Dont let it get ya down... chin up... I am trying to be encouraging here... if all else fails pull the plug and try again tomorrow! lol
Mert said…
I am bummed about Kailani too, I didn't see it coming. :( I hope she is doing ok. I tried to email her , and my email was returned saying that it was a closed account.
ian said…
So what's yer beef with Blogger then?

Masago said…
Thanks for the useful info. P.S. Know the feeling of a "lost" blogger.
swampwitch said…
No time to read posts...just checking in to say hello and wishing you a happy Thanksgiving. On the road again but hopefully will be back to globbing in about 10 days. Swampy :)
Pamela said…
I'm having trouble changing my summer scene to my winter scene.
plus, I changed my profile by adding a sentence and it completely destroyed my blogroll.
I took out the sentence and my blogroll came back.

It says I can have many more words than I am using . It doesn't like knowing about me.

Yesterday, it took about 5 minutes to load my site because of that extra sentence.

And I'm still working on my winter banner.

Oh... and it never remembers me when I log in
... nor when I post on other blogger or beta blogger sites
BarnGoddess said…
what a COOL site!!!!
Pass the Torch said…
Blogger is a tempermental bugger, no matter what you're trying to do. Someday I hope you'll join me in Wordpress heaven;)

I've been very concerned about Kailani too and I hope everything is alright. You really DON'T know how attached you become. And my mind is swirling with thoughts about this.

Hope you get the bugs worked out, sweetie.
Karmyn R said…
Sorry to see that you lost The Pink Diaries - I hate it when they disappear without explanation.
Claudia said…
I hope that they are ok.
I haven't had any problems with your blog like some others have had but I can't seem to get Robin's's just a blank page for me now.
Matt said…
Well, you know how it feels then!
Vicki said…
I am a non official NoBloPoMo also.
When I type that it makes the words "Mamby Pamby" go through my head. Is that weird?

Is that from Pee Wee Herman movie? That's even more weird
Hsien Lei said…
I am really worried about Kailani too!! Where is she? It doesn't seem like her to just delete EVERYTHING and disappear.
Hsien Lei said…
I just found out what happened to Kailani. She has a stalker so has decided to delete everything and may start blogging again in the new year.
Anonymous said…
oh . dear . I . feel . like . a . stalker.

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