Is It Lawful to Remove the TAG?

It was tag week for me.

As much as I love writing "junk," I find writing about me very difficult. Nevertheless, I am going to try to do this without ME2's help at this conjuncture. (ME2: psssst. She doesn't even know what conjuncture means. Sigh.)

Thanks to Kelly for giving me the opportunity to share five things few people know about me. visit her at Pass The Torch. Her blog has everything put together exactly how it should be.

She's made a decision to stay home this year and homeschool her two kids, D and C. (You'll find C jumping into the lake from her Banner.) I'm wishing they were my grand kids, they are so cute, and smart,...and lucky to have Kelly, not only as their teacher, but also as their mom.

Now, back to the subject at hand. Here are the five things you don't know about me.

1. My weight
2. My innermost thoughts
3. My bra cup
4. My foot deodorant
5. The side of the bed on which I sleep

Thus, they remain the five things you don't know about me.

Kathleen Marie presented tag number two to me. This one is going to a bit harder to fake. KM just published her new template at Stranded in the Mountains. I click on it while I am pretending to do housework so I can hear the music. (ME2: Pamela doesn't know how to attach music or video's yet. She's such a technocrite.)

Visiting In The Mountains is very much like visiting Mrs. Claus. Haven't you always wanted to go to the North Pole? How about South Dakota. It's fun just to browse through her snow people collection.

She tagged me with the A to Z About ME meme. (ME, ME, ME --it's always about ME. What am I? Chopped liver2?)

A - Available/single? I can hear the hubby snoring. I'm still taken
B - Best Friend? My best friends always move away - so I'm not going to jinx it. Hmmm...maybe if I chose ME2..................
C - Cake or Pie? What are you baking?
D - Drink of Choice? I love Chai Tea Latte.
E - Essential Item You Use Everyday? TP. (ME2: and none of that one-ply cheapo in the rough stuff either.)
F - Favorite Color? Black. Isn't that all the colors mixed together?
G - Gummy Bears or Worms? Are the Bears cinnamon?
H - Hometown? Here.
I - Indulgence? Blogging.
J - January or February? Definitely February, because payday comes quicker.
K - Kids and their Names? Karmyn, Jennifer, Amanda (aka Gooey, Juice, and Cakers.)
L - Life is Incomplete Without? My Lord and Savior.
M - Marriage Date? 1976
N - Number of Siblings? Six on earth and one in heaven.
O - Oranges or Apples? Bananas.
P - Phobias/Fears? I'm afraid I'll lose my airline tickets. (ME2: She doesn't have any airline tickets!)
Q - Favorite Quote? "We can't all be heroes, because somebody has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by." (Will Rogers)
R - Reason to Smile? Grandchildren; especially because they live with my children.
S - Season? I look ravishing in black, burgundy, emerald green, hot pink, icy colors, navy blue, red, royal purple, and white. See what season you are.
T - Tag Three People? I tag every last one of you - male or female - you are it.
U - Unknown Fact About Me? Refer to five things at beginning.
V - Vegetable I don't like? Okra.
W - Worst habit? Eating everything except Okra.
X - X-rays I have had? To many. Does anyone else out there dream about Superman looking right through you?
Y - Your favorite Food? It is either hot or cold. Yeah, one of those two.
Z - Zodiac Sign? Libra! Ahem -- the most desirable of all Zodiac types.

And somewhere in my pile is an October tag from Swampwitch. Now there's another busy woman. She's spent October being the champion of breast cancer awareness and the scrubber of eau de skunk off her boxers Bubba and Junior. Traveling hither and yon has given her opportunity to fill her blog with photographs of sunsets, sunrises, and surprises. Plus, she is generally WOWing me as she refines her blogging skills. Her fly-boy, Booger, went back to his duty in the middle east and they welcomed the birth of his daughter (her grand) Reese. Oh! Just go look!

Sorry Swampy, I couldn't' find the tag. Nevertheless, I am sending my thoughts on a broom. I'm sure I have one hiding in the closet with the duster. Oh, can I also send you ME2?


Pass the Torch said…

Clever one, you. Telling us somthing that doesn't tell us anything...

And ME2 can come out to play anytime;)

Thank you for the lovely review of my blog and family. Sweetheart!!
Jenny said…
Cinnamon gummi bears. Blech. Really? I always wondered who was eating those things.
Irene said…
That was such a fun alphabet list! It was enjoyable discovering all those little things about you. Thanks for sharing. =) Hope you're having a happy weekend!
Karmyn R said…
The only things missing was the chocolate.
Karmyn R said…
Oh - the header is nice - not quite as nice as the wheat one, because I really liked that one, but the Blues look pretty cool with the dusting.
kate said…
lol... I do like the top 5! Sometimes I feel like I am sharing too much these days. Its nice to have some things be secret! *wink
Kathleen Marie said…
I don't remember when I have laughed so hard! I laughed so hard I thought I was going to pee my pants! That was hilarious but there were major glimpses of you! Fabulous!

Tessy looks a bit like a Seal Point Himalayan cross - may have been a Seal Point Himalayan crossed with a Seal Point Siamese. Gorgeous kitty! We got Cap'n at the Human Society as well.

I am still laughing... Have a great day!
SongBird said…
Pamela, Aren't you the blogger who has or had a sister (?) who lived or lives in Hot Springs? (I was too lazy to look in my comments and see if it was you....) Anyway, if you are "the one", I live about 85 miles from Hot Springs. And I would love for you to visit!! I have a feeling you would love Old Washington as much as I do!!!
Anonymous said…
so do we guess your weight or what? ivy

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