The Oscar Suit

AuntPat1926The year was 1903 when Bessie and Charles Hoover bought the little German made suit for three-year old Oscar. At that age he would have preferred a drum or a wooden train. However, mom wanted to show off her little gentleman to all her friends.Oscar grew fast and it wasn’t very long before the suit was too small. Bessie packed it gently in paper and stored it in a bureau drawer. She cherished her little man’s expensive suit from the old country.
When Oscar grew to an adult, married, and had children of his own,
Bessie brought forth the suit as a gift.  Although his first born, Pat, was a girl, he dressed and photographed her in the suit. He did the same with daughter number two, and then finally, his own son.

    Then the suit was wrapped up again and placed in storage until another generation of children marched through. The hubby was one of those that posed
in the little woolen garment before it was placed in an updated storage compartment; plastic.

Along came our girls and the suit was summoned. Jen and Amanda did their family duty by staging an appearance the Oscar Suit.
Years passed and our grandchildren reached the ages where they needed to perform what has now become a right of passage. Although Karmyn was too old to wear the suit when we married into the family, her two little ones have braved the woolen itch as have Jen's three. Peanut is still too small, and Amanda's little Curly Mop will be set for a portrait this spring.
One hundred and three years of little fingers and rosy Cheeks. What a lucky little suit it has been

LilBuddy97RedHeaded girlJammin2002
Unfortunately we do not have a picture of Oscar in the same little tweed suit. We do, however, have one of him in another outfit that proves that his mother definitely thought he was a dress-up Doll. Thus, we carry on the tradition.


BarnGoddess said…

I enjoyed this. This is a great family story :)
ian said…
That's so neat! I don't have any real family traditions to speak of, so I must vicariously enjoy those of others.

Pass the Torch said…
AWESOME!!! Totally awesome. My mom made me a dress when I was about 2 years old, and I have a picture of me in the dress, and Deena in the dress at about the same age.

But we have a few generations to go to catch up with your antique little suit!

Very cool.
Amanda said…
It really is a neat tradition. A lot of families lose their traditions and forget out important it is to honor their heritage. I bet Oscar would be just delighted to know how far down the line this suit has been worn. :)
Claudia said…
That is so cool!! Do you have a collage, sort of a "through the ages" of the family?
Masago said…
Enjoyed the "walk".
Willowtree said…
That is a truly amazing story. To have 103 years of tradition is something I could only dream about.

My family couldn't even afford clothes until 15 years ago.
Debs said…
That is soooooo COOL!!!! I enjoyed reading about your family history! :)
Sue said…
I always enjoy stories of family history and traditions. 103 years is something to really treasure...
Kathleen Marie said…
That is such a cute little suit. I have all my kids in the same pair of Osh Kosh Overalls! Not quite as fancy as that special fancy suit but one of these days I need to get all the photos side by should be cute. Thank you for sharing. This was adorable.
Pamela said…
Claudia: We have one collage - and plans for another. The old one hangs on the wall.

Willowtree: I'm picturing you .. No I'm not.

KM: Do you still have the overalls? For the grandkids?

Debs: About ever fourth post is family history. I never kept a journal or diary - until this blog. I'm going to save everything to CD.

Masago: I enjoy your Haiku

Sue: I kick myself for all the things I've thrown away over the years.

Kelly: The next generation isn't very far away. Time evaporates like a vapor.

Ian: Never to late to start one. I know how much you love your kids...... start a holiday story about them that you add a chapter every year.

BarnGoddess: It is a great thing to have something you can touch that has been touched by generations. I recognize that you are a touch person when I read your blog.

Thanks to all.
Jenny said…
I love this! I'm a huge fan of geneology and this story is so wonderful. One hundred years of family in a single, small woolen suit.
SongBird said…
How awesome! I love the little Oscar suit!
Holly said…
That is SO cool! Thanks for sharing!

Holly's Corner
Nan said…
Okay, there is a magazine you can send this whole thing into. I think it's called Reminisce (did I butcher that spelling?!).
This would be a very cute piece in it!
Robin said…
Obviously, I'm "catching up" on reading today...and I've scrolled past this entry a few times, and knew I wanted to be sure to come back to get the details. It IS an amazing story.

My husband actually said recently, "One good thing about your blogging is you're kind of keeping a journal now." So, these family stories you're recording for your girls and the grand babies are priceless! A treasure that, like a fine wine, improves with age :).
wolfbaby said…
I am seriously wishing you had adopted me into your family... ya'll are so cool!!
Anonymous said…
itchy. ivy

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