Lord of the dead-ringers. Well, sort of.

Two years ago I made a calendar in which I took all our family members and turned them into either fantasy characters or cartoon character.

Here is my Lord of The Rings Bunch.
You will find the hubby, my three daughters, their men, and a couple of my grandsons and some great nephews. Can you tell which characters in the trilogy that each of them portrays???

This year I have one month to come up with an idea for a family calendar. I'm starting to have an anxiety attack about it. If I don't start it soon, it will never happen.

Hope someone out there can be my muse.


Karmyn R said…
Your out of your Gourd
Claudia said…
Karmyn wants to be a gourd this year!! :)
Amanda said…
I look pretty in long white hair, dont I!
willowtree said…
I bow to your talent, that is just fantastic.

I'm not certain on the family members, and (without looking anything up) I would guess the following in order:

Merry, Pippin, Sam and Frodo

Pamela, as a student of WV you should appreciate this one: fkufkah
LittleJen said…
Changing faces like that...sweet .. I wouldnt hav a clue of who they are meant to be though.. never watched those kinda shows
Robin said…
Willowtree is showing off his LOTR prowess, but his wv sure is funny.

CUTE idea for last year's calendar...I'll think on this year's...My, you're creative! I woulda never thought of something like this (so maybe you don't want my stinkin' inept ideas).

You'd better get crackin'!
BarnGoddess said…
OMgosh! How cool :)

did you use photoshop? Ive been wanting to do something like this but I am not sure how to get started. it not a calendar tho, more like a book.
swampwitch said…
How creative and talented you are. I did something like this one time and used scissors and glue...instead of Photoshop or some other computer program. I'm not a LOTR academic, but loved looking at the new characaters. Can't think of anything for an idea right now, but if something hits me in the head, I'll be back.
Pamela said…
you missed
the three ...
Arwen,Aragon, and Eowyn
as for WV, it's just blogger swearing at itself. If I was so inclined I'd second that.

I used Picture It
I have photoshop, but for some reason cannot master it. I haven't taken too much time with it because I get frustrated.

then you should at least read the books. They are classics. Tolkien is a master.

Any Idea is welcome. I'm in a creative funk. I couldn't even paint this weekend. I just threw away my "canvas" it was so irritating.

was watching some video's of when you were about 4, and thats the color your hair was then.

A calendar of Gourds. In the raw? There just isn't much substance to a gourd when you get past the surface. How about you do the photos?

Karmyn is correct. And the gourd doesn't drop very far from the vine.
Shauna said…
Such a neat idea. . .I'll try to get my brain functioning properly and come up with some sort of idea. . .LOL - what's a big fad this year? Something with Cars would be cute? I'm brainstormin. . .lol
Claudia said…
Pamela, I was kidding of course..but then a thought hit home...growing up, we used to have these cartoons (in Italy) called Barbapapa...they were blobs really...but I found them online (in english) they do look like gourds!!

for some other ideas...fairies, elves and goblins, Gilligan's Island(?), funny faces, or do a spin off on the travelling gnome...pictures from around the world and paste pics into them!!
Kathleen Marie said…
What a fabulous idea! How about the X-Men? Major heros (Superman, Batman, Catwoman...)? Or characters from Narnia! Fun!
Willowtree said…
Actually I think Legolas was in there too.

I've never been able to get the hang of Photoshop either.

What about the Brady Bunch, you've got three, boys, three girls and mom and dad (screw a Alice).

If you ever do one for me, I'd like to be Captain Kirk.
ablondeblogger said…
You are so talented! You could have a field day using my celebrity obsession as your muse. You could do a Brangelina/Tomkat/Madonna type deal.

Put big lips on someone and then have that person with a leash on someone else....there's Brangelina.

Then, you could have someone jumping up and down on a couch with an alien girlfriend watching....there's TomKat.

Madonna...well, there's so many directions you could go with that one!
Vicki said…
Do baby pictures of family members. Or on the months with people's birthdays that has passed on give a few memories of them with THEIR Baby pictures.
Sue said…
Such talent! I am going to look for Picture It!
I have been looking for an easy photo program..
Jenn said…
I love fun family calendars!

Two ideas- 1.This year's big trend of course was pirates! Ay Maty.

2. The big lips comment made me think of potato heads as in MR. & Mrs, Potato Head. Just a goofy idea!
Matt said…
that's a neat idea. send out a christmas card with someone else's family!
Pass the Torch said…
You're a riot! You have the cutest ideas. Yeah, I can figure them out, but couldn't possibly tell you their names. I mean, I watched the show and all, but sometimes I call my kids the wrong names, so...
Anonymous said…
HAHA! That's hilerious. I should make myself a Desperate Housewife calendar. Anything to get a body like Eva Longoria.


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