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Tonight we ate the world's best strawberries. They were melt in your mouth sweet. No need for sugar, whipped cream, or chocolate. The local grower has fields of berries that are famous in our area for their superb flavor. I'm going to buy some this weekend and put them in my freezer. Unless I eat them all first.

The Contessa is having hairball problems. It's scary to have one of those green things chase me down the hallway in the morning.

She starts running for her life even before the hairball remedy tube comes out of the cupboard . I've tried hiding in the closet, sneaking up on her when she is sleeping, holding the door open just slightly so she gets caught in the screen, and singing "I'm just a little black rain cloud." Nothing works. She's OUTTA there. (Any helpful suggestions - other then to take her to the groomer and get her shaved for the summer?)

The ingredients are mineral oil and barley malt syrup. Made in Forth Worth, Texas. (I've heard they have the BIGGEST Hairballs in the world there.)

At work today someone threw the local paper on my desk and it fell open to the classified ads. A picture of a big white cat in the "lost and found" tugged on my heart strings, so I picked up the newsprint to say, "oh poor kitty."

Thats when that word in the Help Wanted caught my eye. Of course I passed it around the office.

Do you wonder if you are the work *ss part of a team?


Little Miss Moi said…
Dear pamela. Hahah work ass part of a team. That's quite a slip up there. Perhaps why they need a HR person. Those strawberries look yumbo jumbo.
mist1 said…
I am afraid of TX hairballs almost as much as I am afraid of my cat's hairballs. We've been together since September and I have yet to see a hairball. It's going to be massive.

I hope it makes us famous.
ablondeblogger said…
LOL! I bet they're going to get a lot of nasty calls on that one!

Have no cats, and after reading that I'm glad I don't!
her indoors said…
mmmmmm strawberries, what i wouldn't do for strawberries, hell i would even 'work ass'!
hope the hairball don't get you, poor you and poor kitty
C said…
I wonder this all the time.
Sally Lomax said…
My mouth watered at the sight of those strawberries.

Love the ad!!
Willowtree said…
No way would I apply for that job, I'd just end up being the butt of people's jokes.

That mixture doesn't sound too bad, can't you just add it to her food? I feed my guys food that's specially formulated to get rid of hairballs (seriously). Oh, and we call them furballs.

I think you're confused, they don't have big hairballs in Texas, just big hair.
DesLily said…
mmmm got to love when strawberry and blueberry season is upon us!! I gorge myself when they are in the stores ..and reasonably priced!

living with 9 cats there are times it's like a mine field here.. tip toe thru the hair balls ! I had a cat long ago that loved that hairball stuff from the tube! It doesn't "stop" the hairballs.. but it does help some to get digested and helps them have an easier time when they do "up them".

Where there is hair.. there are hairballs. sigh.

they learn so easily to use the litter box.. to bad they can't be taught to drop their hairballs there too!
swampwitch said…
Don't you know...those strawberries were planted in sugar?
A hairball rememdy tube? Never heard of one. If green things chase people who have cats down hallways, I know now why I've never had a cat.
You should send the ad to Jay Leno. That's a good one.
I don't think Texans would argue about the size of their Hairballs. They're proud of having the biggest of everything - Pamela didn't say that everyone there fit the category, just that they exist there! I've heard the hairball food can be unhealthy for some cats and the malt remedy is what my vet recommended. I'd kill for those strawberries!
Susie Q said…
What a great ad!! : ) NO wonder they need to fill that position again!

Poor fur baby. Our Lucy never seems to have the problem but Henry does. Our first cat, Hannah, had awful times with hairballs.
We just gave her the meds mixed in her canned or on a bite of tuna...

Aren't strawberries wonderful!! They are so sweet this time of year!

Karmyn R said…
Have you tried babyfood squash as part of her food?
Melissa said…
hee hee. Maybe the work ass part of the team is the new person who has to take up all the slack. The caboose of the company, if you will.
my4kids said…
Oh my that is too funny! You would think someone would have checked it before publishing?
I havn't really had any hairball issues with my cats this year I don't know if they are just building up or talking care of them outside (which I would prefer)
tlawwife said…
I made sure to marry a person who was happy to be that part of the company. I act like one, he works like one.

I might work like one for strawberries like that though.
Jenni said…
Did you want me to add you to the Fun Monday list or wait and see?

As for how to post a video, it's easy with YouTube. If you find one you want to post, you look to the right and there is a field that says "embed". Copy and paste the code in that field into your blog (in the html mode) and your good to go. If you have a video of your own you want to post, you can sign up for a YouTube account, upload the video and do the same. Videos you upload to YouTube can be set at private, semi-private, or public. I hope that helps:o)
Bobbi said…
When my cat had a problem with hairballs, I did two things:

1. I smeared a dab of the hairball remedy stuff on his leg. He gave me a look like "what did you do that for?" and proceeded to lick it off. That way, he gave himself the remedy :o)

2. I purchased a metal fine-tooth comb and combed him every once in a while. He didn't seem to get many hairballs after that because I removed the excess hair with the comb.

P.S. the strawberries look delish!!
Debs said…
The Strawberries look yummy!

The ad was funny. I have no clue to help you with your fur baby.

As for TX, a lot of women do have big hair. *LOL* I have thick hair, but it is not big. Just really curly. It is a curse.

I rather not look at hairballs.
Trish said…
When I read about the cat, it made me glad for my birds. No hair balls just feathers all over. Although they too can be a pain in the word in the ad. Oregon strawberries are very good too. Small but with loads of flavor.
Peter said…
Perhaps the emphasis should be
"work ass" part of a team... or..
work ass part of "a team"
Devon said…
Can you lure her with kitty treats to nibble on while you slip the medicine on her paw? Maybe a little cheese!

I wonder if the HR person was trying to warn any potential applicants that they truly will be expected to work their ass off! lol!!
mjd said…
The strawberries do look good enough to melt in your mouth. I have no remedies for the hairball problem or for the cat running down the hall. Cats are indeed interesting creatures. We had a cat, who had to visit an opthamologist. We would take the cat to this eye doctor after work. For a month after the visit, Marmalade would run and hide under our bed the moment he heard the outside door open.
Heather said…
hmmm, those s-berries look good!
and yuck, the hairballs sound gross!
and yikes, the job sounds scary!
Shelby said…
I think I've had that job! :)


great post!
A Life Uncommon said…
I no I work mine pretty hard.
Claudia said…
Poor Contessa....those hairballs can be really nasty. a couple of suggestions...brush her regularly, and does she have hairball control food??

I want those strawberries. mmm..
Hayden said…
mmmm, field-fresh strawberries, sun-warm!

my kitties never minded the stuff, even licked it directly from the tube as I squeezed it. surprised that The Contessa disdains it.

our whole team is 'work ass' - asses for working for a company that prides itself on being world-class profitable while squeezing the life from us. work ass indeed! a telling slip!
Kila said…
LOL, that ad is hilarious!

Your first photo is beautiful! I could hang that on my wall.

Y'all just talked me out of ever getting a kitty for my boys, LOL.
Masago said…
Nice shot. P.S. Was that "forth Worth"?
kate said…
I am a team player, but working as hard as a mule is a bit more than I would be willing to do these days! hehehe

I love strawberries!
Biker Betty said…
Ohhh, poor Contessa. My first thought was to get her trapped in the bathroom, where there is less places to run. She seems pretty smart and that may only work once or twice.

Have you ever heard of the Furminator? Look here
The small one is for cats, dogs and even rabbits. I bought the medium one at PetSmart for my dog and I'm amazed at how wonderfully it works. Our dog sheds horribly. It's so bad we don't like to pet him often, but now we can.

Love your banana and strawberries photo :)
Susie said…
Yummy looking strawberries! I love berries of most any type!
Hairballs and cats just seem to go together and Vincent offers his to us on a regular basis..
That classified is a classic!
Mert said…
Yes, I wonder that often- since i have this incredible ability to stick my foot in my mouth ;)

Fruit, my goodness we have never had so much fruit in the house before. The whole family can destroy a bag of grapes so I had to buy 2 bags. Plus 2 bunches of bananas and a watermelon. Oh, and a bag of cherries for me.

It's good though, my kids craving so much fruit is rubbing off on me and the hubs.

Your poor kitty, besides brushing her every single day to remove the excess fur... i don't know what to tell ya.

great, now I'm humming Little Black Rain Cloud, thanks!:D
BarnGoddess said…
oh no, poor Contessa!!!!!!

she is pretty.

I feed Marv Purina ONE Advanced Hairball Formula dry cat food with yogurt. It's expensive but it keeps the hairballs away.

I cannot imagine what kind of hairballs he'd get if I quit brushing him daily.
wolfbaby said…
that want add was to funny.....

strawberries look good!!
kailani said…
Contessa is such a beautiful feline. You should post more photos of her!

Those strawberries look delicious. The coloring is amazing!

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