May's Perfect Post Award

A Perfect Post – May 2007

It happened the very first week of May. I read this months Perfect Post.

The Grim Reality revived my childhood memories of our small farm where the second most lucrative crop was dandelions. (The first one was rocks.)

A day that started out bad for Wonderboy, GR, and me was transformed by a blissful roll in the gold.

I'm with you Wonderboy, how can anyone possible call them weeds.

I hope the rest of you take a moment to frolic with him in Dandy.

You can enjoy the other nominees by visiting Lindsay at or MommaK at


Elizabeth Joy said…
We have a great crop of dandelion. Our poor neighbor with the perfect lawn must think terrible things about us.

By the way, when are you going to show us your veggie garden. You've got me curious now.
Peter said…
Hi Pamela, there was an old country? song which said; "like grass upon the lawn.... now that's a dandelion".
Masago said…
Dandelion wine? Gravel pit?
Shelby said…
Yes you must show us your veggie garden :)
LittleJen said…
Hi Pamela, i have some catching up to do.. havent been very busy.. school holidays coming up.. sorta a break for me.

Have a good week
Jeanette said…
Hi Pamela,Just popped in to say hi im on my way to frolic with dandy.
Gwen said…
Hi Pamela.
Thanks for the visit.will put a bowling photo on my next blog it may give you some idea even if you dont understand it.
Kila said…
Yay, I can comment. Your site gives me a hard time for some reason.

I LOVE dandelions, and so do my boys, but DH has evicted them from our yard. My youngest boy picks large handfuls of them for me whereever we go, and I don't dare throw them out. He insists they be prominently displayed in a glass of water.
Kiyotoe said…
the perfect post? Something else for "ego" to aspire to.

in the city we had to settle for a frolic in the water that came blasting from an opened fire hydrant.....yup, just like in the movies.
Devon said…
Hi Pamela,

I loved the dandelion post! Really, who gets to say what a weed is?

Love your new look! I know I haven't been around lately, but I've been too busy hurting people...see my most recent post!
Devon said…
I was able to read your 'Fart Story', very funny. I don't know how you held it together until you were able to exit Wal-Mart!!! Lord knows when my daughter farted in the Abbey, well, I hopelessly unable to stop the laughter!
ChrisB said…
I can see why they are nominees for perfect posts as they so well written; the dandelion one particularly caught me eye- I could feed my tortoises for free if I had a field like that closeby.
Jenny said…
Perfect choice.

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