I Heard the Cicada

Brood XIII, the official name of this year's cicada hatch, is expected across northern Illinois and in parts of Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin and Indiana. Cicadas live only about 30 days as adults, and their main goal is mating. The Saginaw News May 21, 2007

Yvonne, at Uniquely Me, knew that I was extremely curious about the nymphs that make her life miserable. She lives right in the midst of the 17 year Cicada hatch.

When my phone rang on Saturday I heard a pleasant voice say, "Pamela, this is Yvonne."

At her house, the mating insects calls are so loud that they drown out the jets in the landing pattern for a nearby airport . She has to wave her hands and brush them off her body when she walks out of doors.

"They are a nuisance!" she confirmed sweetly.

She invited me to share in her experience. So I listened as she walked out of her house and braved the buzz to give me a telephone conversation with the hatch.

It was definitely one-sided as I listened to the vibrating love song that could very well have been the sound effects of a UFO from outer space. (Hey? Maybe they are?)

Yvonne - thanks for bugging me!! You're the bug bomb!


Karmyn R said…
I heard them when I was in Alabama - but of course, not at Locust levels.
Susie said…
They must have been quite loud to hear them over the phone! Glad you got your "bug fix"
angel said…
i've heard about that! so they live for a month every 17 years or have i got it wrong...?

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