The Flow Chart

Today we were supposed to have THE BACK YARD hydro-seeded. Telephone rang, postponed. That’s okay. We are learning patience.

………………The flow chart was not complicated when we planned to remove the ailing tree the first weekend in March. We would cut it down, chop it up, remove the stump, and re-sod the area. The shade plants in the flowerbed would need to be moved and replaced.

The tree removal required chainsaws, chippers, sawdust in every crevice of our body, working our fingers to the bone, and getting bony fingers. The hubby looked at the sawdust and saw that it was good which meant that somewhere on the flow chart he wrote in the purchase of several truckloads of fir bark. (Might as well spiff up all the flower beds.)

The first departure from the plan was the untimely septic drain field failure. The fence had to come down for backhoe access and the shrubs and perennials rescued from its path. The hubby removed some sod in the process and saw that it was good. He decided he should cut and pull all the sod up from THE BACK YARD because it was going to be all ripped up anyway. Flow chart – immediate change. The sod cutting, rolling and carting away was another backbreaking effort that took every night after work plus a weekend. I was so tired - from watching,

The actual process of replacing the drain system only took one day. The Backhoe operator was efficient as was the rest of the crew. For an extra hour pay they even ripped out the tree trunk. My hubby looked at the hole and saw that it was good, so he had the backhoe operator round it out so he could put in a pond. (Yup, it’s somewhere on the flow chart with a fountain.)

With expectation to get THE BACK YARD together, we’d cancelled our scheduled trip to the Oregon Coast. In one week, we figured we would till and level and replace the sprinkler system. To plant grass or to re-sod would be decided at the end of the money. (Ka chink)

The flow chart didn’t have a progression for the removal of tree roots, chopped up sprinkler pipes, and the quantity of rocks regurgitated from the dig. There were no connecting lines to the weather report either.

The rains came down and kept coming down. March ended, April showers did not. May rolled around with not one thing done in THE BACK YARD.

We should have gone to the ocean.


Anonymous said…
i would have gone to the ocean and hired a landscaper


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