I Rock

When the sun returned and the dove released from the window did not, we opened the back door and saw dry land.

A certain type of energy is required to regroup when you've been denied expectations and goals. "Drained, I was." That is my Yoda impression, and THE BACK YARD looked like the desert planet Tatooini.

The hubby was excited, however, to test his new rock rake ordered from one of the garden magazines. In theory, it looked clever. In dried mud it was worthless.

Therefore, the little rototiller was fired up and I wasn't (fired up.) The hubby's arms absorbed the shock as it bounced and spewed its way through unyielding layers of hardened muck. (He'd rented a BIG tiller on the very day in March that the monsoon started. Loading it back in the truck wasn't an experience that he was eager to repeat.)

Meanwhile, I followed the dug up earth at a snails pace with a shovel and our neighbor Bill's home-made rock sifter. You will note in the photo at the left that it wasn't a pretty picture. One of my friends commented that it looked Like I'd been haulin' ass since his last visit. I advised him hauling that took several trips, so you can imagine how long it took to haul the rocks, too. Unfortunately, this is how I looked and spent my weekends and many evenings after my day job.

The hubby began trenching for the new sprinkler system. Several hours into digging, he decided he should rent a BIG trencher; thus a trip to the U-rent and a few more dollars down the drain. The device must have operated on a compass since it had him battling a strong pull to the magnetic north and an aching back. In exasperating short order, it was returned and he resumed his slower but more accurate manual excavation. Both methods just revealed more rocks for yours truly.

The weather did not stay cooperative. We could have tolerated a few bothersome drizzles. But, oh, no! Every few days it had to cloud up and rain cats and dogs with added effects of wind, thunder, and lightning.

Each storm was followed by an approrpriate drying out stage. Like the scarecrow, we finally got a brain, and tilled only enough yard area that I could reasonably sift through before the next storm rolled through. Not having to keep re-tilling saved the muscle in the hubby's arms for trenching and laying sprinkler pipe.

So, I can truly say about myself for the month of May and much of June, "I Rocked!"


Karmyn R said…
You Rock and Roll!!!!
Anonymous said…
ugh. that is a dust bowl.

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