Speaking of chicks

I think I have my posting problems solved.

Our sweet little house sparrow had a big problem, though.

The hubby and I watched as she and her mate gathered nesting material and prepared for their new brood in our little bird house. It was moved to the patio as a temporary measure when the Globe Willow tree came down. There had been no time to find a new place for it, so there it is, still hanging by a brick pillar.

The birds were tolerant but wary of our movements back and forth.

Then one morning we heard those little chirps which grew louder as each day progressed. During breakfast last week I noted that the pair were gathering aphids off the roses, seeds from my platform feeder, and something across the fence that I couldn't identify.

Then the other woman showed up. I told the hubby that there was another female hanging around and I wondered what she was doing. By the next day it was obvious that she was fluttering her wings and posing to attract the male. He flew off with her but came back. Then he followed her away again and I watched them flirtying in the smoke tree. After that I only saw him come back to feed babies one more time. He may have sneaked by me, but I was working close by and am quite certain he flew the coup for good.

Mama bird, however, kept those babies chirping and a burping. Their mouths were always wide-open and she had her work cut out for her. If I ventured to near she would emit a little sound that reminded me of a high pitched cat purr. The babies would shut up immediately.

I didn't get to see them fly away. It is so quiet on the patio today.


Karmyn R said…
It even happens in the wild? Geez - shame on that male sparrow. Don't swans mate for life?
Anonymous said…
bad boy. sweet mommy.

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