Droopy and Grumpy

This is, I think, a Ligularia.
Anyone is welcome to correct me if they may. I love this elegant shade plant and am worried about the changes in the back yard and what may come of it.
It doesn't like being in the sunlight. The heat makes it droopy-------------just like me.

And this is, I know, the jungle cat who likes to sleep in the shade under the ligularia. The hubby and I stopped by the animal shelter the week before Christmas. Once I saw her I knew she belonged to me - declawed, spade, and homeless at the age of 8 when her owner died. She is unhappy about having to be supervised when she is outdoors. Nor does she like having her picture taken (note that her ears are back.) It makes her grumpy ---------- just like me.


Karmyn R said…
And all of them probably make someone Sneezy...

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