My dusty first hello

This is my first hello. If I keep waiting until after I dust this place then I just won't ever get started.

The dust is the result of a complete back yard make over that resulted from one beautiful tree that came down because of a rotten core. A long story (we are into month 4) and one worth telling. But only in short stories. I can't handle all the dust at once.

Todays short story is that the dust has not deterred the birds from our yard. I've even considered leaving just a small space of dust by the fence as a dustbath center for the local sparrows and finches.

Have you ever watched the little birds flutter as in utter delight into a little bowl-shaped pile of dust. I've heard they use it to soak up excess oil and keep their feathers in shape. Someone suggested that they are "anting." Do the ants eat parasites off their feathers?

I'm glad they have enjoyed our efforts.

Be back soon.


98335 said…
The dipper
983345 said…
You hung up on me
Pamela said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Robin said…
I don't think I saw this before, but bless its little heart, it needs a REAL comment on it! What's with the 983345??

Did you ever have a picture with this post? It seems incomplete without one.
ChrisB said…
I had to come and read your first post~ I can see your love of birds was there from the beginning!
Anonymous said…
You have a great blog name too, and I didn't start blogging for awhile due to having too many other things to do. I, like ChrisB, noticed your love for birds was in the forefront of your first post.
janet said…
what a great way to start one of my favorite bloggy places to hang out!
Kila said…
I learned something new about birds. Sounds like I should have one indoors! ;)

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