Rolling Along

Some of you may be wondering what happened next in THE BACK YARD

Well, the sprinkler trenches were eventually all exhumed. That is a French word that means to bring back from obscurity. To me it meant digging up more dead rocks. (Meanwhile the rock collection project was nearing completion. Rejoice!Rejoice!)

The hubby spent hours with his graph paper figuring where to put each kind of head and how far it would cover. He had to prepare drain sites and glue pipes.

It was like organizing a space shuttle launch when he executed the control unit countdown.

Initiate Profile Checks.
Replenish top valve.
Close drain Valve.
T minus 1 and counting.
Close fill and vent valves.
Main button start 3 command.
Main Button Start 2 Command.
Main button Start 1 Command.
Spray……. Lift Off

Silliness aside, the test on the flowerbed sprinklers achieved the desired goal; even the birds chirped their approval from the launch pad viewing area.

The next task would be the central lawn controls. They were activated and failed to reach orbit. No sirree Bob… those heads did not live up to their promised range. Home Depot - here we come again. With new and wider ranged heads in tow, the hubby returned, grabbed his shovel and got on his knees once more. After he reinstalled two stations, I heard him calling my name.


I’m probably the only one in the blogosphere who didn’t know that each sprinkler head has a pin that is required to insert and adjust the spray. But Wait! There’s more! It even takes a key to turn it.

“Your Mission, if you choose to accept it, will be to infiltrate Home Depot, seek out replacement parts and retrieve the pin.”

Where’s Tom when you need him.

One of the in store experts volunteered to help me find sprinkler heads that weren’t missing the critical parts. The success carried over to the next days launch and the reach requirements were met.

That’s when I declared a national day of rest.

However, the hubby worked the holiday - a real drag. Seriously, he dragged a fancy leveling tool, a sixteen-foot two-by-four, all through the dirt. That, and fine-tuning with his leveling rake took a full day. His rented lawn roller ate another half day.

A lawn roller looks like a party keg to me.

Water is added for weight. My suggestion to fill it with Henry Weinhard's Private Reserve and attract some helpers was disregarded with a raised eyebrow and a return to the task at hand. He completed it as he does everything else: to perfection.

THE BACK YARD was showing signs of recovery.


Karmyn R said…
I hope you didn't spend a fortune renting that lawn roller - it is positively "turn-of-the-century" looking.
Pamela said…
We started this project at the turn of the century.

Well, it feels like it!
Amanda said…
Yeah, that thing looks like it came straight out of the Princess Bride or something! I can't wait to see the yard, mom - you both worked so hard on it.
venus said…
this is the best read ever!!!! you have a clever play with words.
Grokodile said…
LOL, priceless!
Anonymous said…
another dusty day.
not my thing.

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