Bird Paparazzi

I enjoy hearing the birds chatter in the morning outside my bedroom window. They are welcomed guests at the various feeders that hang around the house.

Besides the numerous sparrows and finches that we see regularly, I can identify many of the species that are native to our valley. My hubby is enthusiastic about helping me because he takes pleasure in watching me enjoy the birds. As for his bird knowledge - he knows they have feathers, poop on his SUV, and are the reason I cajole him into buying special fertilizer for the grass.

Therefore, a loving gesture prompted him to call me at work on Thursday to tell me he had photographed a bird at my kitchen feeder. While taking a rest and a refill of his water jug, he saw it through the window. (This is his 1-week summer break and he is dedicating it to working on THE BACK YARD)

One of the first things I did when I came home from work, after looking at THE BACK YARD, was ask to see the picture of the bird.

To my amazement, the bird was not any that I had ever seen, even in my handbook. The only thing familiar was the beak, which looked typical of a Grosbeak. (We have Pine, Evening and Black-headed Grosbeaks if you know where to look.) I attached the picture to an E-mail and sent it to someone I have spoken with previously in the local Audubon Society.

The response was immediate and enthusiastic and confirmed that we had a Rose-Breasted Grosbeak. It is typically found East of the Rocky Mountains and rarely seen in the northwest. Even rarer in our little valley. Friday morning, after I headed off to work, a small group arrived with their cameras and binoculars to see the 6th documented sighting in the county’s recorded history.

I’m the bird watcher and my hubby gets the once in an eon picture. How weird is that? Short lived glory however, because the bird did not come back. Those avid bird watchers came all prepared to enjoy a rare sighting for naught.

Today was Saturday and I kept track of the goings on at my feeders.
No Grosbeak. Horse feathers!


Walker said…
WOW, What a piece of luck and you got a photo too. That is so cool!
Walker said…
Hi! Loved your bird story and willow story. I thought I commented before but I don't see it so I'll just say "hi" now!
Karmyn R said…
Wish I had seen it too.

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