My neighbor Bill once told me that there weren't any houses or streets when he moved here in 1962.

The old pasture, where my house now sits, was where his daughter learned to ride a horse. He'd climb the hill behind us to search for the old square wooden nails in the ruins of the old boys ranch.

In the winter, his kids raced down the hill with their wooden sleds, along with many who ventured out from town .

"Awww!" I thought this afternoon when I looked across the street and saw the old sled propped up by his porch.

"So, that's where it came from."

Last Sunday, I stopped shoveling snow to watch the boy from down the street pull the sled and his little sister Sadie past our house.

"May I have a ride?" I'd laughed, waved them on, and returned to my task.

He certainly looked relieved as they continued on to the house next door where their playmates, Katarina and Keanu live. It was cold and I was glad to see them go inside.

I've chosen the sled as my entry into this weeks Thematic Photographic Challenge.
Carmi at Written Inc, says: This week's Thematic Photographic theme, simple, can take on many forms.

I thought of several ways that simple reflects in my photo and story.

Life around here was definitely more simple when this sled was varnished and shiny with a bright red stripe on each side. Simple for the kids, anyway. Bill and his late wife, both teachers, raised two sons and four daughters in that little house. I'm sure he would say that "simple" is relative.

Today I thought fondly of his simple, but kind, gesture. He shared something of himself that these kids will certainly recall in years to come.

And for me, there was nothing more simple and sweet than watching a big brother pull his younger sibling through the snow.

I felt the simple yearning in my heart for the days when I was the little sister. I felt loved and special - sitting on a little wooden sled, making tracks in the snow and my memories.

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little wanderer said…
you have brought back some memories for me, we had a sled just like that, and me being the youngest was often pulled along through the snow, thanks for the memories
DesLily said…
as a kid, many things are "simple" because the woes of the world have yet to climb on our shoulders..

i can remember sleighing on a sled such as that, in the dark, on a back street that was too filled with snow for any cars to use the street yet!

ahhh.. life, when you don't realise it all ends one day.
Jenni said…
What a sweet story. I bet Bill watched from inside as those kids played on that old wooden sled, and I bet that reliving the memories filled his heart with warmth and joy.
Desert Songbird said…
Simple pleasures often make the best memories.
I like your sled and post, and I had already been here this morning viewing i and left to find something 'simple' to post as well. Thank you for your appreciation of my skelton key. My mother always turned ours in the doorway at night for apparently if it was turned sideways no one could push it through from the other side and the door would stay locked. It must have worked for we didn't have any intruders either :-)
Your sled reminds me of a post I had done earlier of one from my childhood memories. I've included the url if you'd like to check it out.

Thanks for your visit and comment.
Sabrina said…
Simply love it!
A Spot of T said…
I always swear I'm going to participate and then can't think of anything. *sigh* Your post is super and even though at the time, people probably thought it wasn't so simple, it really was a simpler time. I wonder what the chances are that it will ever be like that again. Ya. Probably nil and none. But a person can dream.
Heather said…
Nice .... photos of old sleds just take me back :)
Beautiful, Pam...exquisitely simple.
LadyStyx said…
I remember having a sled similar to that. I think it had originally belonged to my dad.
Mojo said…
Never owned a sled as a kid. We never got enough snow to make it worthwhile. So if I'd gotten this guy in 1962, it'd probably still look brand new. Hmm... probably be worth a fortune too!

Great subject for the theme.
Nothing like an old sled to say simple! :)
Kila said…
What a great sled. I used one similar to it when I was a kid.
sirdar said…
Good thoughtful post. Sometimes even the simplest things have quite the history or if brings back fond memories.
Washer Mom Val said…
I love the ol' sled. Fun blog.
Mamapippa said…
'Simple' is so different for everybody. That's what makes it so great to see what others made of it !
Tammy said…
I love the look of these old sleds...although I never got to own one as a child.

I always thought it was interesting, watching that scene in It's a Wonderful Life where the kids are "sledding" downhill on shovels- apparently not able to afford real sleds!
Carla said…
I love old sleds and think I had one very similar when I was young.
I think I had a sled that looked exactly like that. Actually my mom probably still has it in the rafters of the garage.
lisaschaos said…
It's always neat finding out the history of your little corner. The house I grew up in was situated on an old racetrack, so it was not unusual to find old horseshoes if you dug a little. :)
Biker Betty said…
There are times I think years on by would be simpler, but then I think about how far we have come with medical care and technology and wouldn't want to go back. I love the story behind the sled.
dawn said…
It was a simpler time. I think electronics and ease of travel have really complicated life, as well as all the stuff we accumulate. I am guilty.

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