The First Fun Monday of 2009

Summit Musings is hosting today - and inviting one and all to play the New Year Meme. I'm not ready for Fun Monday, and I'm not ready for the New Year. Neither should be here yet... and I should still be 34.

Oh.. heck, I'll play anyway.

So, using her suggestions, here's Whats On My Mind:
* * *

"What's on your mind as we close out 2008 and begin

I can’t believe the year. I mentioned to someone that back in the sixties, 2009 was eight years beyond a space odyssey. Really!

I’m glad I’m not a kid. I don’t know if I could navigate life in today’s environment. Is this the way that my mother felt when she was my age?

Large and small.

Where did I park the car? I set my glasses down here somewhere.

What are often your first thoughts the minute you wake up?

Coffee. That fat free half n half just isn’t cutting it.

When you're alone and unguarded?

Where have I been? Where am I going? It isn’t where I thought I would be.


I’ve spent a lot of years doing that. Do I know how to stay at home and be industrious?

Stuck in traffic?

I get anxiety in traffic. Thank goodness the only time we are exposed to it is when we travel. I can understand why people succumb to road rage. (Hold up that finger one more time buddy and I’m going to cut it off.)

Playing with the children?

The elixir of youth. Oh…the things they say in their innocence. Or, sometimes the things they say when they are learning to cut to the chase. I think I would like to work around kids so that I could siphon their energy.

Walking the dogs?

I miss my dog. Have I mentioned that before?

When you can't sleep?

The furnace is too loud and the walls are creaking.
If I bang two pans together will the neighbor’s dog quit barking?
I hope I didn’t forget my dentist appointment.
I should probably get out of bed and go blog.


Treat yourself to the musings of other revelers by visiting the link at Fay's.


Gattina said…
Hehe ! you also have nice thoughts ! I had some very serious person on my post complaining that I "only" think about feeding my cats (the poor darlings) she thought about changing whole America, the environment and night and day about Obama ! Some people really have no humour !
karisma said…
LOL! You are too funny! And I would not go banging the pans,I think the dog would probably bark louder and longer!
Hootin' Anni said…
I love how you dissected it all this morning. Your post is super.

Come read mine if you can find time. Happy Fun Monday.
Celeste said…
I have been seeing a lot of angst about where I have been and where am I going recently. I think it is a collective thing that happens around the New Year's. Great post.
Molly said…
Wow, eight years past the Space Odyssey and so many more past 1984. I always know where my glassses are, but I must park my car next to yours becasue I never know where that is.
DesLily said…
do you remember when 40 sounded old? When it seemed like old age was so far in the future it would never really happen to you?...
life has the last laugh eh?! sheesh. all we need is someone to cure all diseases and someone to discover how to stop time.. they we have it made! :o)
~sWaMpY~ said…
Funny how we both took Faye's questions literally and answered them one-by-one.
I can relate to ALL of them, sistah.
{i}Post said…
I have thought about getting out of bed to blog MANY times. It helps to get it off your brain!
Anonymous said…
Awww...I liked reading your thoughts! Re. the road rage, I often wonder how the perpetrators would behave if their mother was watching them!

And about 2009 - hee! I was just thinking that we're one year before 2010, which was the sequel to A Space Odyssey if I remember correctly. It's funny to see where we are, vs. where those scifi writers thought we would be by now! And like you, I also sit and ponder how different my life is from what I thought it would be. (Not bad, just different.) Happy FM!
Ooops, I'm sorry - that was me in the comment above. I was trying to add my name/URL and accidentally hit "Publish - Anonymous". Whoops!
Cruise Mom said…
I can so relate to the waking up in the middle of the night - I'm not a good sleeper. I keep a pen and notebook by my bed, along with a good book, for those insomniac wee hours of the morning....
lisaschaos said…
Working - so odd, when I first stopped working a few years ago I felt a little lost. I wondered what I would do with all my now free hours and worried my brain would turn to mush. Now I'm so busy I don't know where I would fit work in. But at the same time I had a dream last night, and in the dream I went back to work - to my old job - and the people made me feel missed and needed and as I started working again I had a feeling of 'ahhhh, this is what's been missing'.
Jan said…
Fun post, your thought are all over. My diagnosis: Get a new dog. Silly, huh.
LadyStyx said…
Very nice share. I must leave myself a post-it note to remind myself to revisit it in the next day or so...
Kaycie said…
Staying home is the bomb. You'll do great. And please, let me know if the pot banging works!
Faye said…
While you're looking for your car, could you also look for my little Scion xB? I love it, but it hides from me in the parking lots. I'll bet you're a great grandmother--love your stories about your grands. I'm getting a lot of giggles about how you all are yanking my chain by being so literal today--esp. you, swampy, and gattina--with this Fun Monday topic! Best line was Gattina's that she was never "guarded" since she's not a VIP!
ChrisB said…
Lol you never disappoint me- this is great; no wonder your grandchildren come out with such gems!
Jo said…
Loved it, but I dunno about the working around kids so you can siphon their energy part. I work around kids and most days they siphon mine!!
Janis said…
I think we have he same thought process, must be our age.
Alison said…
great post Pamela...I loved all your answers and I think you should get a new dog!
dawn said…
You did a good job despite not being ready. You have a wonderful perspective on things and I enjoy what you write.
Lil Mouse said…
isnt it amazing what we stop and think about, when we stop and think about it?
It seems a little more than I need to check the information, because I was thinking: Why does not my GLOG these things!
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Stacey Huston said…
This is great.. sometimes it is good for all of us to stop and think about these questions..

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