Are there more out there?

Sometimes I forget when people tag me with MeMes. Sometimes I forget to put the half-n-half back in the fridge before I leave for work.

Eventually I spit out both. Like today. (Yes, it was sour.)

Back in time Burnett's Urban Etiquette tagged me to write my memoirs in six words or less. I've waited so long to respond that James has moved away... to a blog that is a more "formal" part of the newspaper. He writes for The Miami Herald. (He's a great writer, too!)

So -- my life story in six words. "I think I can do it." Not really. That was my response when he handed me this assignment. Here is the real one:

"I want to do it over."


This stems from a lifelong dissatisfaction with all my first attempts. Possibly originating with my order of birth.

As the youngest of eight, I always knew someone older and wiser would respond to my pleas for help or advice. My older siblings came along and cleaned up my messes or took over my half finished projects.

It is tough to enter the family chain of command at the bottom. Everything has already been done, and done better than you can do it (at least in the eyes of the youngest.)'m never happy with the first product of my efforts. I also admit to rejecting many of the redoes.

This admission leads to a second MeMe handed to me by Karina. She is an entertaining writer that juggles three blogs, Candid, Cafe, and Creative, and works full time. I bet she does everything right the first time.

Here is her request: Six Random Things About You. (Me, actually)

Obviously the first one we just covered.

(1) I never get things right the first time. But I digress.

(2) I buy the more expensive soft toilet tissue. Believe me (refer to #1) when I say I have tried all the others.

(3) I balance my checkbook to the penny and I straighten out the edges of all my paper money and turn the faces all the same direction. BUT,

(4) I don't where I set my glasses or took off my shoes.

(5) Yellow roses. (No red, thank you very much)

(6) I do not watch horror movies. I get anxious, my palms become clammy, and my stomach churns to the point of nausea. So if you insist on my presence - bring a bucket.

You may think this post is tame. Argh. Maybe I didn't get it right. Or, I already wrote all the juicy stuff during the past two years. The random meme just keeps showing up like a bad penny. (If you are interested in my previous confessions, you may find them in my side bar labels under TAGS.)

If you haven't already posted this meme - take a few minutes and write your memoir or some egotistical random trivia. (Then, Email me when your post is up. )


karisma said…
I beg to differ, being the first born (eternally older, as Robin might put it) Nah forget it, I simply don't care!

1. Sometimes I do but if I don't, Um I don't care!

2. Nup, I buy the bargain stuff (provided that it is soft! Hey, I have a large household okay?)

3. No, I don't care. SB pays the bills, I spend the money.

4. Ditto, I am guilty of the same. Never can find the glasses even though I now have three pairs. Shame shame shame.

5. Don't care, any flowers will do, herbs even better!

6. I love horror movies OMG they thrill me. Provide no human mutilation is involved can't stand that!

Now on a lighter note you will be glad to hear that I was writing your name in my dust today! Nice to know how people relate to us hey?
karisma said…
No seriously, I really did write Pamela in the dust on my side board today. I think its time to clean the house.
DesLily said…
I'm with you on the "never get it right the first time".. funny thing is I can argue with myself and do the yes/ no thing and even "think about it for days" before moving on it.. and then.. of course, wrong choice. I thought I had it figured out once.. decided on the choice and then knew I'd be wrong so reversed my choice.. guess what?... still wrong! at least I'm consistant!
heather said…
Doing things right is overrated. At least you do them. I have dishes piled on my sink, dog hair collecting on my floors, and laundry adorning our pool table.
coffeypot said…
I can truly relate to the losing glasses thingy. Monday night I was looking all over the place and cussing and damning and being grumpy as I looked for them. Sweet Tea asked me what I was doing and why I was so upset. I told her I couldn't find my damn glasses. She laughed and said, "Silly, you are wearing them." I hate her when she does that.
Jeanette said…
Hi Pamela. Im a middle child of 7.
and I would not change a thing.
Haha love soft toilet paper .and I must do my Dishes and make the bed before i go out...
Ive got behind in commenting but after this trip i will be be back regulary...
Susie said…
Hi Pamela,
I don't like horror movies one little bit and I also balance my checkbook to the penny (but I always know where my glasses are or I couldn't see to do that!)
Have a great weekend..
Desert Songbird said…
Your opening lines cracked me up. You have such a wonderful way with words.

I grew up the youngest of five girls. Believe me, I think I can understand the "been there, done that" of my predecessors. Turns out, though, that there are things they never did so I figured I had to try them. Didn't turn out so well, and by all rights I should have been dead many times over by the time I was 25, but here I am today, wiser for it all and thankful that I didn't screw up my life too much!
kailani said…
I have such an overactive imagination that I can't watch spooky movies. Even just the thought of them will keep me awake a night!
lisa marie said…
It's ok, I watch the horrow movies for you. :)
Tammy said…
This was so fun to read, as usual, Pamela...
And I'm the same way. Do not watch spooky movies at all!!!

I'm a perfectionist in so many ways...yet this week I am surrounded by clutter. Go figure.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend! :)
Kila said…
I could ditto all that. Except for the glasses. (They are either on me, next to my bed at night, or in the bathroom during the day.)
Gattina said…
I was an only child, lol ! so no comparison to what I did with other siblings. Most of the time I am satisfied with what I have done, and don't loose time to do it again. I just have not enough patience and I don't care what people think.
Horror movies make me laugh because they are so overdone, that it becomes ridiculous. Ketchup flows in streams and false glass eyes are popping out etc etc.
Shelby said…
Ditto for me also.. on many of the same things. 'especially losing my glasses (and my keys).
dawn said…
I buy the expensive toilet paper too, but always on sale so we are always stocked up. I think there are some people who just beat themselves up over a decision. I think it does stem from childhood when he or she was always chided for the decision made. I think you probably made a lot of great decisions and did a lot of things right in your life and may have even chided yourself for them for no reason.
Debs said…
I have your SIL on our prayer list. ;) I hope she feels better soon.

I do the same thing with my paper money too and I am always looking for my shoes. *LOL*
susan said…
I'm pretty sure that if I got a "do-over" in life, I'd end up the exact way...I'm such a creature of habit.

I've been using Costco TP for so long, I don't know if it counts as soft or not!
BarnGoddess said…
I LOVE scary movies-they are the best BUT I understand, my husband does not like scary/horror movies either.

I read more scary/horror/mystery books than anything else.
kitten said…
It was cool getting to know a little more about you!
I sure have missed you bunches!
Susie Q said…
Love this...I want to do it all over too!
And, if I could find my glasses, I would have many more hours each day!
I am always searching...
I am a wuss where horror movies are concerned. : )
Have a sweet Memorial Day!

lisa marie said…
Oops, I never balance the checkbook and never know where my glasses are. :) Shoes are always in the garage if I'm home. :)
Karina said…
Hey, I forgot I tagged you for this! And for the record, you made me laugh out loud, because here you were talking about what a good little blogger I am, and I went AWOL from ALL THREE of my blogs for a while there! hahaha...I'm back now though, in a much less active way, but I am back.

Oh, and I straighten all my dollar bills the way you do too!

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